Ways Your Church Can Use Wristbands

Written by Michele Wheat

Fellowship helps your congregation grow and strengthen one another. Coming together brings light not only into your church, but also into your community. As you begin to plan your church’s next event, consider these ways on how using wristbands can help improve results and create lasting experiences.

Welcome new members

Give a welcome gift of a silicone wristband or cloth featuring the name of your church, a customized logo or inspirational messaging.


Whether rallying for a church member’s cause or fundraising for your next event, sales using silicone and cloth have been an effective way to raise money and awareness for a variety of different industries.

Church sponsored events such as festivals, carnivals, or bingo

Tyvek® wristbands can be used to control and monitor access to events. They can serve as a ticket to easily verify who paid admission, and as a way to differentiate event volunteers. Cash tag wristbands can be used for food or beverage sales at events – available in multiple tab options. Our custom lanyards can be used in conjunction with wristbands to help spot church members or volunteers.

Youth Ministry and Bible Camps

Inspire your youth groups or youth ministry with silicone or cloth wristbands with customized messaging, logos, or icons. Colorful Tyvek® wristbands also can be used to keep track of participants in Bible camps and other group outings.

Promote your parish and encourage new membership

When people begin to see others wearing the same wristband, it shows association and community. Bring your church goers together by creating brand recognition bands. This gives your church more opportunities to be seen and heard by others.

Child Safety

If a church operates a nursery, day care, or Sunday school, then wristbands can be used to ensure that the children in their care stay safe.  A set of wristbands can be worn by the guardian and child to ensure that only families with a matching set leave together. Duplicate- number bands have the same serial number which allows you to match up to two people. Voucher wristbands have a similar purpose. The child wears the wristband, and the guardians keep the removable tab. The serial numbers on the wristband and the removable tab are the same, so only a matching set can leave together. 

Wristbands can be used for child safety at Sunday Schools

Daily devotion

Wear a constant reminder of your faith with an inspirational saying on a silicone or cloth bracelet. It can also be a source of encouragement and guidance for the churchgoer.

Fellowship and fundraising events remain an important part of a church’s responsibility and growth, and wristbands can help improve your results. With complete, easy-to-use customization tools on our website, personalized wristbands are only a few clicks away. View all of our materials or contact a sales representative for more information today.