Event Entry Wristbands

We often see customers charged with the task of organizing large, comprehensive affairs or functions that require event entry wristbands. As a result, determining whether wristbands will prove at all beneficial can be a notion that crosses one’s mind at some point during the planning process. After all, can wristbands really be advantageous and integral to the success of your event? In short, they absolutely can be! Wristbands offer benefits such as monitoring capacity, allotting redemption tickets for food and drink, granting space for advertising and promotion, and much more. But one of the most popular uses for wristbands is that of tracking admission. 

Entry bracelets provide users with a fast and efficient way of regulating patrons in attendance at an event. Whether this is for free, paid, or special access, wristbands allow an event organizer to visually confirm whether someone has been admitted rightfully or not. By using either our stock or custom entry wristbands such as Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, or cloth, admission can be easily determined since these bands are one-time use and cannot be transferred/reused. This means once the band is applied to the recipient, it cannot be removed without being destroyed. This ensures all guests present with a wristband have gone through the proper channels of gaining entry.

While wristband solutions for event entry purposes may seem fairly straightforward, we understand there may still be some lingering questions. Some of the most common inquiries we receive include: 


Are entry wristbands easy to use? 
Whether you select stock or custom bands, we guarantee all wristband styles are user friendly. For instance, our Tyvek® bands are worn simply by wrapping the band around the wrist, peeling off the sticker backing, and adhering the adhesive portion to the band itself. And believe it or not, we make this process even easier and more earth-friendly by offering Tyvek® bands in tab-free styles; this means you won’t have to deal with leftover sticker backings if you don’t wish to. Our plastic and vinyl bands also have no waste remaining after adherence. Again, just wrap the band around the wrist and clasp the snap closure into place. Our cloth bands are probably the most effortless; slide the band over your hand, push the locking mechanism upwards so the bracelet feels comfortable yet secure, and voila- you’re done!


Are event bracelets cheap? 
We know cost is an important factor when buying anything, therefore we are constantly working to ensure our bands are priced economically and fair to our customers. For instance, our blank, stock Tyvek® can be purchased in a 100 count box for as low as $5, with our plastic style as low as $16 for the same quantity. Another inexpensive option are our Clearance wristbands that come from overstocked and discontinued items; there are no deficiencies with the bands themselves, rather they are first quality at closeout prices. But if you’re not concerned with the bands having a cosmetic or appearance defect but wish to get the lowest price possible, our Factory Second Tyvek® may be right for you. Because their aesthetic issue has no effect on the performance or security of the bracelet, these are often a great choice when the band is strictly used for authorizing admission and a custom or even pristine looking bracelet isn’t required. 


Are the bands easy to obtain?
Once you’ve decided to buy wristbands for events, peruse our website Wristband.com to view our products and services. Or if you prefer to speak with someone one-on-one, our Customer Service Team is on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have on how to get the most out of your event entry wristbands.