College Wristbands

There are two different categories of college wristbands—those used for admission, and those used for school spirit. Here at Wristband Resources, we specialize in carrying the highest quality wristbands in each category. Better yet, we allow you to create the perfect wristband design for your event or team in just a few simple steps.

College Wristbands for Admission

We offer a variety of admission wristbands that colleges often use for campus activities, sporting events, club events, and more. For short-term uses, such as sporting events and Greek life parties, we recommend you try our Tyvek wristbands. They offer cost-effective security solutions for events lasting up to 48 hours. Plus, they are recyclable, so there will be no guilt in disposing of them.

We also supply plastic wristbands that offer greater durability, perfect for events lasting longer than 48 hours. These plastic college wristbands feature a secure locking snap that prevents your bands from being transferred or resold, thus adding extra security.

college wristbands

School Spirit Wristbands

We have two types of school spirit wristbands that are great for fundraisers and promotions. Many colleges use our silicone bracelets to raise money for clubs, sports teams, and equipment and facility upgrades. Silicone college wristbands can be purchased in bulk and sold for as much as $6. This allows these organizations to raise money fast with little investment.

Cloth wristbands are different because they can be used for school spirit activities as well as admission. The reason for this is that your guests often choose to keep their cloth bracelets as a memento of the fun they had at your event.

Create Custom College Wristbands

We make the process of designing college wristbands very easy. In only a matter of steps, you can create the perfect wristbands for your event. By creating a unique design, you add extra security for your event, which improves the guest experience. Customize yours today!