Silicone Wristband Buying Guide

With endless design possibilities, this Silicone Wristband Buying Guide is intended to help you create your ideal silicone wristband. Check out our individual band descriptions and comparison grid below to find your favorite style today!


Printed Silicone
  • Using silkscreen technology, the message/artwork is printed directly on top of the silicone
  • The ink is water and heat resistant
  • The resulting design has a smooth and sleek finish


Debossed Silicone
  • Manufactured with a custom mold
  • The text or logo is pressed into the silicone, reminiscent of a cookie-cutter
  • The stamped design has a “sunken in” effect, giving the band dimension

Ink Injected

Ink Injected Silicone
  • A debossed design injected with a proprietary, durable ink
  • The recession of the letters/artwork in the silicone acts as a cradle for the ink
  • The depression of the inscription paired with the ink creates an impactful look that lasts an extended period of time

Color Coat

Color Coat Silicone
  • A two-tone wristband
  • The customization will be etched into the exterior layer of the band, then filled with an ink color matching the interior of the band
  • The final look is a striking contrast that displays the text vividly


Embossed Silicone
  • The customization is raised on the wristband’s surface, making the band more tactile
  • A 3-D, elevated design
  • Texts and graphics stand out since you can physically see and feel the dimension

Embossed Printed

Embossed Printed Silicone
  • An embossed message and/or logo with ink laid over top
  • The raised personalization is printed with a single color ink using precise silk-screen technology
  • The distinction between the raised design, glossy ink, and matte silicone, produces a bold look
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Silicon wristband style comparison chart:
  Printed Debossed Ink Injected Color Coat Embossed Embossed Printed
Lead Time 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days
Features Ink
Requires Mold For Design
Recessed Text/Logos
Elevated Text/Logos
Individual Bagging Available
Keychain Converting Available
Link to product style View Printed View Debossed View Ink Injected View Color Coat View Embossed View Embossed Printed