Cancer Bracelets

One of the most prevalent themes among the silicone wristband style is their use as cancer bracelets. First popularized by the Livestrong Foundation in the early 2000s, silicone cancer support bracelets are commonly made, sold, and worn in an effort to raise awareness and funds for cancer aid and research. This is because the silicone band style in particular is durable, reusable, and completely customizable. It can be produced in hundreds of colors and patterns (solid, swirl, segmented, glow-in-the-dark), personalized in 6 inscription styles (printed, debossed, ink injected, color coat, embossed, embossed printed), and designed with whatever message, slogan, logo, and/or graphic is desired.

Due to this growing utilization of silicone cancer wristbands and the efforts they generate, the colors of the silicone bracelets themselves have come to represent specific types of cancer. For example, pink is one of the most recognized colors due to its strong, existing association with breast cancer awareness; A cancer band just further allows advocates to easily identify themselves and the cause they’re fighting for. When someone sees a pink silicone band, they often assume they are breast cancer wristbands because of how deep a connection endures between the color and the cause.

Here are some of the most widely recognized colors for cancer awareness bracelets:

For a comprehensive list of wristband cancer colors, as well as other causes represented by silicone wristband colors, click here.

Aside from the color of the band, another great aspect of silicone cancer wristbands is their ability to be personalized. For example, if you wanted to create colon cancer bracelets in honor of someone battling the disease, you can design the bands to include their name, motto, or an image representative of them. The options are endless and provide a great way to show support in a very personal and special way.

To customize your own cancer awareness wristbands, click here.