Sports Wristbands | Athletic Bracelets

Sports wristbands offer teams across many different sports and leagues a fun apparel item that their fans can enjoy. Here at Wristband Resources™, we offer durable athletic bracelets that both fans and athletes alike can wear to show their support. Using our online configurator, anybody can create the perfect design for their sports team. We offer sports wristbands in a variety of styles, giving you the most personalized options.

Fundraising with Sports Wristbands

Many local sports teams use sports wristbands as part of their fundraising efforts. High schools especially prefer to sell these athletic bracelets to raise money to buy new equipment, upgrade their facilities, and more. Parents, teachers, and other students can purchase these bracelets at games or during pep rallies. When ordered in bulk, the unit cost is quite inexpensive. However, these bands can often be sold for five dollars, sometimes more!

Sports Wristbands as Merchandise

Fans often spend money on apparel, memorabilia, and collectibles of their favorite sports teams. Why not add sports wristbands to your mix of products? Unlike t-shirts and other clothing items, sports wristbands never have to be taken off. Your fans can wear them at all times.

Sports wristbands

Sports Wristbands Support Marketing Initiatives

Many brands sponsor merchandise at large sporting events as part of their marketing initiatives. These freebies are given away upon entry to the event, and allow businesses to showcase their brands in a positive manner. Some brands have adopted this strategy with sports wristbands, which feature both the team’s logo and name, as well as a message from the sponsoring brand.

Create Custom Athletic Bracelets

Choose a Band Style

Create the perfect athletic bracelet for your sports team today using our online configurator. To begin, start by choosing a band style. We offer the following styles.


Debossed silicone wristbands are made with a laser engraver or mold. Your design is sunken into the surface of the silicone band and can be felt. On the other hand, embossed wristbands have the design raised from the surface of the wristband. Wristband Resources™ allows you to personalize your bands by choosing your font, text size, and up to four graphics.


Our printed silicone wristbands are made using silk-screen technology. The way it works is simple. You customize the bracelet to your liking and we print it over the top layer of the band, leaving a smooth, sleek texture.


Ink-injected wristbands combine debossing and printing to create a great wristband. First, we engrave your custom design into the wristband before it gets injected with long-lasting ink. This guarantees that your design will be protected from wearing over time.


Color-coated wristbands are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band. This design displays the text more vividly and adds an artistic touch.

Choose Your Size and Color

We offer band sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 2 inches. Our most popular size is our ½ inch band, but you can choose a larger size if you want to fit larger text and graphics. Next, choose your colors and quantities. We offer a variety of solid, segmented, and swirled bands, so we are bound to have your team’s colors.

Add Text and Graphics

No sports wristband would be complete without some fun customization. You can add up to sixty characters of text to your band, and up to four graphics. You can upload your team’s logo here, or use some of our free clipart.