Security Wristbands | Admission Bracelets

Security wristbands keep events safe by providing an easy way to identify trespassers, maintain control at your gates, and validate admission. Businesses, attractions, and event organizers trust us to supply high-quality wristbands for a variety of activities. That is why we offer a variety of security wristbands to meet any occasion, as well as full customization capabilities. We use a variety of materials to create our wristbands, giving you the most options.

Security Wristband Types

Tyvek® Security Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands offer a low-cost way to secure your event or facility. Tyvek® is a paper-like synthetic material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. These security bracelets feature a secure adhesive closure that prevents the band from being removed without being destroyed. We recommend these for use for up to 48 hours, perfect for weekend-long events. Our Tyvek® security wristbands are waterproof, tear-resistant, and economical.

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Plastic Security Wristbands

Plastic wristbands can be used for up to a week, sometimes longer, making them the ideal solution for events lasting multiple days. Because these bands are typically worn for multiple days at a time, we use only the most comfortable materials. Our plastic security bracelets are as comfortable as they are durable. They also feature a secure locking snap that ensures that the band will remain securely on the wrist until the guest is ready to remove it.

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Vinyl Security Wristbands

Vinyl security wristbands are our most durable offering—they can be used for two weeks, if not longer. We make our vinyl wristbands with a three-layer construction, which guarantees extended durability and a comfortable wear. Our vinyl security bracelets also feature a locking snap to maximize security and reliability.

Cloth Security Wristbands

Cloth security wristbands are different than our other offerings because they are often kept as souvenirs after the event. Our cloth security bracelets are the preferred solution for music festivals and other large entertainment events because they are soft, comfortable, and often hold fun memories.

Get Started

For a little added security (and fun), we recommend customizing wristbands, which you can do right on our website with the exception of cloth bands. In just a matter of steps, you can create a fun design, and even add your own custom graphics right from your device. Create custom security bracelets today!