Event Wristbands - Admission Bracelets

No matter what type of event you are planning, we have the right wristband to meet your needs!  Our most popular event wristbands are made from Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl or cloth. Each type of wristband has unique features and benefits that are further explained below so you can make the right choice for you and your function.

Event Wristband Materials

Tyvek® Event Wristbands

wristbands for events

Tyvek® wristbands are made from 100% DuPont™ Tyvek®, a high-density, paper-like material that is lightweight, durable, comfortable, water and tear resistant, as well as recyclable.  Designed to fit any size wrist, each entry bracelet is sequentially numbered on the top of the adhesive to make monitoring capacity and tracking admission easier. Security die-cuts are integrated into the waterproof closure that prohibits the band from being removed without breaking or showing clear signs of tampering, thus preventing transfer or reuse.  These features make them a secure admissions solution. Tyvek® wristbands are a popular choice for short-term events such as carnivals, trampoline or amusement parks, sporting events, and much more.

Plastic Event Wristbands

Our plastic wristbands are assembled from specialized layers of polyethylene and polyester, creating a water, stretch, and tear-proof core that is both flexible and comfortable.  Entry wristbands for events can be sized to fit any wrist and feature a one-time-use, plastic snap closure that prevents the band from being removed or re-worn.  If you are looking to differentiate your function, the laminated, wrinkle-resistant material gives plastic bracelets an enriched, superior feel.  Plastic entry bracelets are a popular choice for air shows, corporate events, hotels and resorts.Event bracelets

Vinyl Event Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands provide the most longevity and incomparable security of all of our entry wristband offerings. This is because they are comprised of three layers of material. The durable, waterproof top layer is made from vinyl which allows for a clean surface to support customization.  The middle layer is made from semi-rigid and helps the band maintain its shape. The bottom layer is made from taffeta, a smooth, woven surface that gives the band its soft, comfortable feel against the wrist.  These event wrist bracelets are adjustable to fit any size wrist and feature a one-time-use, plastic snap closure.  These bracelets can’t be removed or transferred without visible signs of tampering.  Vinyl bands are a preferred choice for extended use because they can be worn for up to 14 days in duration, making them the ideal band for all-inclusive resorts, music festivals, summer camps, hospitals, and much more.

Cloth Event Wristbands

If you are looking for a wristband that stands out, consider a cloth event wrist band.  They consistently provide a classy, superior look and feel.  Made from comfortable fabric, they are durable and are often worn long after the event ends, making them a great marketing tool.  Cloth bracelets have two closure types; an adjustable closure that allows you to remove the wristband and a locking closure that requires the band to be cut off to be removed.

Clearance Wristbands

We offer a wide selection of closeout Tyvek®, plastic and vinyl wristbands featuring discontinued colors and designs in.  All of our clearance entry bracelets are first quality, meaning there are no cosmetic defects for flaws, and offered at reduced pricing.  Due to limited quantities and availability, these bracelets cannot be customized.  However, they are on the shelf and ready to ship at a moment’s notice; if your order is placed before 3p.m. CST, your bands will ship the same day.

Custom Wristbands for Events

Custom Tyvek® Wristbands

Tyvek® event wristbands can be easily customized by having your message, logo, image, QR and/or barcode, imprinted onto the band.  Custom wristbands for events help boost security, limit counterfeit bands and aid in quickly identifying paid entries.  Customization also allows you to relay messages to your customers, develop and grow your brand, offer promotions and much more.  If you place your order by 3p.m. CST, your custom event bracelets will ship the next business day.  If your order is placed after 3p.m. CST, expect your wristbands to ship two business days afterwards.

Custom Plastic WristbandsEvent Wristbands

Plastic event wristbands accept custom imprinting, numbering and barcoding.  Customization allows you to create a one-of-a-kind entry bracelet that may lend more credibility and authority to your event itself. And because our plastic material initially is white in color, we have the ability to manufacture any Pantone (PMS) color you choose by applying ink to the plastic.  Please allow 7 business days for your custom bracelets to arrive.

Custom Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl event wristbands are completely customizable; personalization capabilities include QR and barcoding, numbering, and imprinting, as well as holographic and hot foil stamps that make replication or counterfeiting near impossible.  Because the PVC material arrives already in the final color intended for the bracelets, the color is composed throughout and will not scratch off or show wear.  Custom vinyl wristbands are the most resilient and longest-lasting, one-time-use band available. For custom production, please allow 7 business days for your order to arrive.

Custom Silicone Bracelets

We offer a variety of styles and options to customize silicone wristbands.  Our silicone bracelets are available in more than 100 colors and patterns including solid, segmented, swirl, and glow-in-the-dark.  They also come in multiple bandwidths, as well as adult/youth sizes.  Six different inscription styles are offered including printed, debossed, ink injected, color coat, embossed and embossed printed.  Because of the unlimited personalization options, silicone wrist bracelets for events are one of the best, low-cost promotional items one can use to show unity, support for a cause, raise awareness and generate support/funding.

Custom Cloth WristbandsCloth wristbands for events

When you are looking for a unique and distinct wristband, custom cloth is the premier choice.  Full-color customization is offered via two styles: sublimation and woven. Sublimated, also known as printed, delivers a sleek finish and may feature any quantity of inks.  Sublimated bands are perfect for intricate, photographic imagery.  With our woven style event bracelets, the design is literally woven into the band, creating a very natural fabric feel.  Woven bands can feature up to 8 Pantone (PMS) colors, including bright neons.  Two different closure types are available including adjustable and locking.  The adjustable closure allows you to tighten or loosen the wristband, giving you the flexibility to remove and reapply the band whenever you choose.  With the locking closure, once you slide the bead upwards to tighten the band around the wrist, the bead’s teeth sink into the cloth, prohibiting the bead from loosening.