Custom Plastic Wristbands

7 business day custom production
Custom plastic wristbands work well for multi-day events. Choose from an assortment of over 20 colors and 15 holographic options.

Available Custom Plastic Wristbands

Custom plastic wristbands give you a wristband that can last week and be created to fit your event. You can put your text and/or logo. Creating customized wristbands prevents people from entering your events wearing fraudulent wristbands. You can also use them to distinguish VIPs, age verifications and so on. We also allow you to choose from a number of colors to use for your imprint.

All custom plastic bands come with a snap closure that must be destroyed to remove it from your wrist. They are 10 inches long and generally 5/8 inches wide although we have variations such as our wide plastic wristbands. The wider band allows you to have more imprint area while still being just as comfortable to wear around. For all of our plastic wristbands we recommend that you use them for 3 – 7 days.

Additionally our plastic bands are all water proof, even the imprint. Take them for a swim, shower, spill a drink on them and they will be fine. That makes them a great option for water parks and pools. We  also offer a number of different custom plastic wristbands which is another reason to buy from us.

  • Regular Plastic – is our standard plastic band that comes in 17 different colors that can be printed on.
  • Holographic Plastic – offer a band that POPs from the holographic. We have a regular holographic pattern and a star pattern.
  • Plastic Wide – wider bands give you a wider printable area while the strap of the band is the same as the standard. This makes them easy to apply and comfortable to wear.
  • Narrow Plastic – these bands are narrow and have a tear off voucher on the end.

Below is an imag that shows the benefits of a standard plastic wristband.

custom plastic wristbands