Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

Silicone medical ID bracelets are a practical way to communicate vital information to first responders and other medical personnel during an emergency. Comprised of 100% silicone (lead and latex-free), these medical alert bracelets have proven to be a highly-effective option for conveying important medical information, especially for those with metal allergies. Our silicone medical ID bracelets are a more affordable option compared to other materials because they are inexpensive to manufacture, especially when produced in bulk quantities.

silicone medical id bracelets

Custom Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

We certainly hope you never experience an emergency where a silicone medical ID bracelet is necessary, but if you do, it is important that it shares the most important information. With our easy-to-use online configurator, you can create a personalized medical ID bracelet that includes your most vital medical information and directions for treatment should it become necessary. Information that people choose includes:

  • Medical condition/s and diagnoses
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Food and/or drug allergies
  • Emergency contact information
  • Administration or action commands; some well-known abbreviations include:
    • DNH  (do not hospitalize)
    • DNR (do not resuscitate)
    • NPO (nothing by mouth)
    • TX (transplant)

Create Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

We offer a variety of silicone bracelet styles, but for medical ID bracelets, we recommend either ink-injected or color-coated.

Ink-Injected Bracelet

After engraving your text into your bracelet, we fill the engraved space with durable ink. This makes your text more noticeable in the event of an emergency.


Color-coated silicone medical ID bracelets feature a two-colored band, with each side of the band displaying a different color. Just like an ink-injected band, we engrave the band before injecting it with ink matching the4 interior of the band.

Get Started

Step One: Choose Your Band Size

Most of our customers choose a 1/2-inch band size, but you can choose to go bigger or smaller if you so choose.

Step Two: Choose Colors and Quantities

We offer a wide variety of colored bands you can choose from, including segmented and swirled colors.  Do a rough estimate of how many of each color you will need in both adult and youth sizes and enter the quantities in the corresponding boxes. We recommend ordering multiple bracelets in case one breaks.

Step Three: Add Text

You can add up to 30 characters of text on each side of your band (60 characters total). Here, you can provide important medical information, action commands, and emergency contact information.

Step Four: Graphics

This step isn’t necessary, but you can add graphics to your band. We have a gallery of free-to-use clipart that you can choose from. You can also upload your own from your device if you choose.

Need support?

We take pride in producing the highest-quality silicone medical ID bracelets. We also pride ourselves in offering amazing customer service. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to reach out using the chat feature at the bottom on your screen.