Personalized Keychains

Personalized keychains are a trendy and functional item to use for various purposes including advertising and promotions, fundraising, generating awareness, individual use, and more. Employing a ½”wide x 8” long silicone wristband, a metal ring and square clamp are added during the production phase. This transforms what was originally intended to be a rubber-like bracelet into a secure, fully-functioning keychain.

In general, silicone is a superior material to use for keychains. First, silicone is extremely flexible. The elasticity enables one to stretch the keychain loop over the hand to wear around the wrist comfortably. This allows for ease of access to the items suspended from the metal ring (keys, USB drives, security scan card, tools, etc.). Another benefit to using silicone for keychains is the waterproof and heat-resistant properties of the material. This allows the product to uphold its overall appearance and shape for years to come. But one of the most undeniably advantageous qualities of a silicone-made keychain is its ability to be completely customized at an affordable price. Regardless of whether you want a silkscreened look or dimensional design (requiring a mold), personalizing silicone is a quick manufacturing process that can yield large or small quantities without breaking the bank.

Turning your custom silicone wristbands into keychains is made effortless through the use of our online design configurator. To begin, indicate your preferred band style. We offer 6 different inscription methods including printed, debossed, ink injected, color coat, embossed, and embossed printed. The next step is to specify the ½” wide size band since this is the width size we use to make the keychains. Proceed to indicating all the silicone band colors you would like; we offer over 100 colors and patterns including solid, swirl, segmented, and glow-in-the-dark. As you are choosing your colors, be sure to add the required number of each into the ‘Adult QTY’ box. Keychains are fabricated from the adult band sizes only to ensure there is plenty of space left for customization. Once your band colors and quantities are chosen, continue with the design aspect of your order. Add the desired message, logo, slogan, or graphics onto the band and once satisfied with your design, continue to Step 5. This is where you will check the box that indicates converting your silicone wristbands into keychains. And voila- you will now receive one-of-a-kind silicone keychains instead of wrist bracelets! Of course if you would like to procure both rubber keychains and wristbands, simply add the keychains to your shopping cart, then click the Continue Shopping link. You can now go back and design your silicone wristbands, or any other identification solutions style you would like including Tyvek®, plastic, vinylcloth, and lanyards.The best part is, all items will appear on the same order number, making delivery cost-effective and efficient. Start designing your custom silicone keychains by clicking here!