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All of our silicone bracelets are made with 100% silicone, which ensures they will not break or tear easily. These are perfect for cause, fundraising, and charitable activities.

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Silicone wristbands are one of the most effective, low-cost promotional marketing tools utilized by organizations for a multitude of reasons including to generate awareness, raise funds, show support, and so much more. Often referred to as gel or rubber bracelets, they are made with 100% silicone (latex and lead-free), are SDS certified, and are resistant to heat, chemicals, and UV light.  Because of their resilient and long-lasting properties, they are extremely durable, versatile, and ideal for repeated wear/use.

Custom Silicone Wristbands

You may be wondering how to make wristbands with customization. Well, here at Wristband Resources, we also offer a variety of ways in which you can customize silicone bracelets. With more than 100 colors and patterns, six inscription styles (see below), and countless customization features to choose from, the personalization options are limitless.

If you want something completely unique, then a custom silicone wristband is for you.  You can create your own design for your specific purpose by choosing the color, font, message, image, logo, size, and style. People tend to wear wristbands long after an event is over, and if they like the design and cause, it can make for a long-lasting, low-cost marketing/awareness strategy that provides maximum exposure. For example, marketing rubber bracelets for your company by adding your logo to them is a great way to expose your business to others in a unique way.  However, marketing bracelets isn't the only reason to buy them.  Some of the most common reasons people personalize silicone wristbands is to raise awareness for a cause, show school spirit, have motivation in sports, party favors, prize winners, or just for fun to wear as an accessory for your outfit. The use cases are endless since they can be worn anywhere at anytime.

custom silicone wristbands

Why order silicone bracelets?

For starters, wearing a silicone wristband in a certain color denotes support or advocacy for the associated group or cause. There are many colors that are synonymous with specific organizations and causes, such as pink for breast cancer, or red for heart disease. The most infamous example of a very simple yet powerful impact a silicone bracelet can make is the yellow, debossed LIVESTRONG bracelet.  Given how popular this use is, we house a vast assortment of plain solid colors in bulk, offered at exceptionally low prices. Our stock is ready to ship same day if ordered before 3pm CST. 

Wristband Resources silicone bracelets can also be turned into keychains which are great for backpacks, keys, or purses/bags. With the vibrant color and customization options, you'll never lose your keys if you attach a silicone keychain to them. It is a fun way to spice up your bags or keys. You will find this option after customizing your silicone bracelets in step 5. Also, in addition to step 5, we also have the option to have each bracelet/keychain individually bagged. Each one will be put in a clear bag for easy organization.

Types of Custom Silicone Wristbands

  • Printed - This incription style is where the message/artwork is printed directly onto the exterior of the band. 
  • Debossed - The text/logos are pressed into the silicone, resulting in a “sunken in” effect. This inscription style does not include ink. 
  • Ink Injected - Recession of the letters/artwork into the silicone acts as a cradle for the ink that is injected. 
  • Color Coat – The customization is etched into the exterior layer of the band, then filled with an ink color matching the interior of the band.
  • Embossed – The text/graphics are raised on the wristband’s surface giving a 3-D, elevated design.
  • Embossed Printed – The raised personalization is printed with a single-color ink.

For more detailed information, see our buying guide.

We’ve been in the wristband business for nearly 25 years, so we understand the importance of our products and what they mean to you - our customer.  We also know how important your cause is to you and therefore have developed resources to assist in your wristband selection. For example, our wristband colors and meanings overview was created to help you find the wristband color most often associated with the cause you are looking to support. 

For-profit organizations can also benefit from cheap wristbands with a message, by using them to leverage their brand, using them for promotions and advertising.  The affordable price allows companies to order them in large quantities and use them as giveaway items to employees and clients at tradeshows, events, and much more.

Why you should order our rubber bracelets? 

For one, we are passionate about our high-quality products and putting them to work for you, helping you achieve your goals - whatever they may be. Secondly, when you do business with Wristband Resources, you will experience exceptional, unparalleled customer service.  While our easy-to-use silicone configurator allows you to construct/instantly view your unique band’s design online, our team of wristband experts are available via telephone, email, and online chat, Monday-Friday, 8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m. CST, to assist you if needed. Last but not least, we offer the fast turnaround times in the wristband market, delivering the highest quality wristbands to you, often next day.  But, if you find yourself in a time crunch and need something immediately, we also have stock silicone designs that are ready to ship the same day you order. You won't be able to find these qualities anywhere else with these rubber bracelet cheap prices, making Wristband Resources the best place to buy silicone wristbands.

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