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Whether it's for a cause, charity, fundraiser, or event - you can be sure we have the customization options you need to make perfect bracelets.

Silicone Wristbands

Custom Silicone Wristbands - Create Rubber Bracelets

Custom Silicone Wristband Product Information

Custom silicone wristbands are a fun, low-cost promotional item often used for fundraising, causes, events, and charitable activities. Colored silicone bracelets are available as well. With custom imprinting, silicone wristbands can be crafted to suit any purpose. Customers typically choose to customize bracelets in a specific color that represent a particular cause (i.e. red for addiction) in an effort to help promote it.  Our rubber wristbands are made from 100% silicone and are the best quality you will find.  They are latex and lead free, as well as SDS certified, so there are no safety concerns. Our customizable rubber bracelets are also extremely durable; we’ve had customers who have worn their bracelets for years without snapping or breaking. 

Wristband Resources offers a variety of inexpensive ways to customize your own bracelet. Silicone designs that don't exist on the website, such as a custom USB wristband (flash drive) or RFID, can still be ordered if you call us. Personalized silicone wristbands allow you to create something unique, no matter the purpose or function.  

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How to Customize Silicone Bracelets & Rubber Wristbands

Imprinted Rubber Bracelets 

Custom silicone wristbands with an imprint are our most popular option.  Imprinting means the graphics and text are laid on top of the silicone armband with a wear-resistant ink.  Because the ink is laid directly on the silicone wristband, you are able to achieve the most detail from this method of customization.  Imprinted custom rubber bracelets also have the shortest lead time (as low as 1 business day). These are ideal if you are in a time crunch and you need them delivered quickly. custom silicone bracelets

Debossed Silicone Wristbands 

Custom silicone bracelets with debossed personalization are most similarly aligned with the “Live Strong” campaign that that was popular years ago.  Debossing means that the text and graphics are laser etched into the band.  Debossed silicone wristbands can also have ink placed into the etched area for a premium look.  When customizing your colored debossed bands on the site, you can choose to have either no ink color, or one of over 10 ink colors to fill into the etching.  Debossed rubber wristbands with a color fill have a longer lead time than imprinted bands, so plan accordingly! Debossed wristbands have the longest "lifespan" out of all the silicone printing options- which makes it great for supporting the causes you care about most. Create custom military memorial bracelets for a coming home pary using the debossed option to ensure they will stay represented and honored on your wrist as long as possible (and to show off). That's what we call rubber bracelets for a cause.

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Embossed Rubber Wristbands

Custom made silicone bracelets with embossed personalization feature text and graphics are raised up from the band.  You can feel the letters and logos on the silicone custom rubber bracelets.  Embossed wristbands can also have ink imprinted onto the raised surface of the band, creating a really unique 3-D look to the bands.  Colored silicone bands with an embossed customization also have a longer lead time than imprinted silicone bracelets.

Silicone Bracelet Maker - Design Your Own Rubber Bracelet

Our bracelet maker online tool  is excellent for creating  custom made rubber bracelets.  You can order any of our offered silicone wristband colors with the option to upload your own imagery or logo, or choose from our library filled with over hundreds of clipart options. Morph your wristband into a custom wristlet keychain or have them individually packaged.



Silicone Wristband Sizes

Our bracelets can be ordered in 6 different widths and 2 circumferences, in any quantity (no minimum required), direct from our site:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who sells silicone bands? How much should I sell silicone bracelets for? 

    Wristband Resources sells silicone bands that are in stock or can be customized. Even though our location may not be close to you, our manufacturing capabilities and partnerships, along with our fast turnaround on stock orders, we allow you to have your order fast. Silicone bracelets are cool, cheap fundraising ideas that cost just a few cents to make, especially when purchased in bulk. Consider debossed silicone bracelets: for 500 units, they can cost as little as a quarter a piece- but they can sell for a few dollars each. Most people don't mind paying $5-$7 for a personalized silicone wristband that supports a good cause or raises money and awareness, which is why schools, non-profits, political campaigns, and more, love to sell our bands.

  • What are silicone bracelets used for?

    Silicone bracelets are used to raise money and awareness, advertise and promote,  memorialize,  gift give, and more. These wristbands are customizable which allows for endless possibilities on how they can be used.

  • Are rubber wristbands recyclable?

    YES! Rubber wristbands use silicone. Silicone comes in two grades- food and medical, both of which can be recycled where facilities exist.

  • How do you make a rubber band bracelet?

    Rubber band bracelets, known universally as silicone wristbands, are made using molds and/or machines that imprint the customer's cool, colored design or logo, directly onto the surface of the band. You can customize your own rubber bracelet on our site.  We produce and ship fast, so you will have 'rubber wristbands near me' quickly.

  • Are silicone wristbands safe? Do they have latex?

    Yes! They are made from 100% silicone and are lead & latex-free. This makes them a preferred, safe choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • What are those rubber bracelets called?

    Rubber bracelets (sometimes called gel or jelly bracelets) are most commonly called silicone wristbands. In the early 2000s, they were colloquially known as 'Livestrong bands' due to the Livestrong Foundation's success in selling the yellow colored, debossed logo version for cancer research.

  • What are rubber bracelets called?

    Rubber bracelets and armbands are called a variety of names including 'gel' or 'jelly,' but the name used most prominently in the industry and worldwide is 'silicone wristband.'

  • Can you stretch silicone bracelets?

    These wristbands are strong and flexible enough that they can be moderately stretched and not snap or break, as well as resilient enough to return back to their original shape.

  • Can silicone bracelets get wet?

    Yes! Silicone is 100% waterproof so the bands can get wet and will remain usable/wearable.

  • How do you print on silicone wristbands?

    Our silicone wristbands are printed using silk-screen technology; the ink is applied directly to the surface of the band, resulting in a smooth, sleek design. If printed 'rubber wristbands near me' aren't needed, we have plain solid color stock options too.