Medical Wristbands | Hospital Identification Bracelets

Medical wristbands are used to communicate important medical information about a person in the event of an emergency. At Wristband Resources™, we carry three types of medical wristbands—Tyvek, plastic, and silicone wristbands. Each type of wristband is great for different situations and is used in slightly different ways and environments.

Medical Wristbands

Types of Medical Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek® medical wristbands are perfect for outpatient clinics and other short-term car facilities where extended wear is not likely. These paper-like wristbands are ideal for up to two days of use and can fit comfortably around any wrist size. You can also write directly onto the surface of Tyvek®, so stock wristband colors can be customized manually and obtained last minute if you need to improvise. 

Plastic Wristbands

Our plastic wristbands are stretch-proof and tear-resistant, making them perfect for use for up to seven days. These are the ideal choice for long-term care. Equipped with formidable, locking snap-closures, plastic bands cannot be removed or transferred without evidence of tampering. This makes them reliable identification solutions, especially when the design conveys advance directives such as limb alert, fall risk, DNR, etc., or the wristband wearer requires additional assistance (pediatric and geriatric patients, for example). 

Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are different from plastic and Tyvek® wristbands because they are reusable and typically stay on the person’s wrist. Made for everyday use, these bands ensure that in the event of an emergency important medical information is communicated. These silicone medical wristbands can communicate information about allergies, medical conditions, and special precautions to take before treatment.

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