Social Distancing Wristbands for Weddings and Events

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped our world upside down in 2020. Our daily routines of work, school, activities, etc., were drastically affected as quarantining and face masks became the new normal. As state restrictions were mandated to further flatten the curve, we had to find manageable ways to adjust. Interestingly enough, one of those ways included using silicone wristbands to color code social distancing needs.

Green, Yellow, and Red Wristbands

Throughout the pandemic, social distancing was put into practice to limit the Coronavirus from spreading as much as possible. While this was easier when lockdown measures were more globalized, many found it hard to navigate as the world slowly started to reopen and constraints were lifted in phases. That's where the idea of traffic light-inspired wristbands came into play because they're quick, visual indicators of someone’s comfort level. The concept was simple: similar to a stop-and-go light, silicone wristbands in green, yellow, and red were worn to signify and convey a person’s social distancing preferences.

Green Color-Coded WristbandsSocial distancing wristbands

A green color-coded wristband typically means that the person is okay with being approached at shorter distances. Some green bands also specified if an individual was fine with direct physical contact such as handshakes or hugs.

Yellow Color-Coded Wristbands Social distancing wristbands

A yellow color-coded wristband typically means that the person is cautious and prefers their space respected at a minimum distance of 6’. Some yellow bands also specifiy that more indirect physical contact is welcome, like an elbow bump or air high-five.

Red Color-Coded WristbandsSocial distancing wristbands

A red color-coded wristband typically means that the person was being extra vigilant and prefers more than 6’ of space. 

Custom Social Distancing Wristbands

The stoplight-inspired system is universal and thus makes the most sense as a social distancing indicator. However, as the concept gained momentum, many found that the colors of the bands didn’t matter as much as the custom design on the wristbands. So as long as the wristbands were imprinted, debossed, or embossed with their social distance preferences, the silicone bracelet colors were not as important.

This was especially popular for couples getting married; they would often match the bands to their wedding scheme, and guests would keep their bracelets as a sentimental wedding favor. This was perfect because not only was everyone staying safe, but they didn’t have to wear a red, yellow, or green bracelet to throw off the color of the wedding. Furthermore, you could include the couple's names or initials along with the wedding date to make the bands even more personal and special.

Educational institutions also opted to go this route by selecting bands that coincide with their school or university colors. This way, students, staff, and visitors alike could express their school spirit while still feeling safe. Red, yellow, and green social distancing bracelets would throw off the school spirit if those colors were not their school colors and people had to wear them to school events.

Need Support?

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