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Substitute Tickets for Wristbands

Generally speaking, a ticket is a certification or token used to show proof that the holder has rights to something. Most often, we use tickets to gain access to places or events like concerts, movie theatres, carnivals, amusement parks, etc. Traditionally, tickets have long been accepted as being loose and free floating, which unfortunately puts them at a greater risk of becoming lost, stolen, or counterfeited. But by substituting wristbands for tickets, some of these concerns may be more easily avoided. Here’s how…

Ticket Wristband Styles

Wristband Tickets (otherwise more simply known as wrist tickets) can be produced from a multitude of materials. Our most popular style is the paper wrist tickets made from Tyvek®, but we also have plastic, vinyl and cloth styles.

Tyvek Wristband Tickets

Manufactured by DuPont®, Tyvek® is in fact not paper but rather a high-density, durable, synthetic fiber that has been around for over 50 years. Waterproof and tear-proof, this substrate is extremely sturdy and can only be destroyed when cut. Therefore, Tyvek® wrist tickets work wonders because they authenticate the wearer’s rights.

Plastic and Vinyl Wristband Tickets

Plastic and vinyl wristbands contain a snap closure so once the band is snapped close, the only way to remove it is by destroying the band itself. They make transferability and reusability almost impossible, thus solidifying them as forerunners in admissions solutions.

Cloth Wristband TicketsWristband tickets

Our cloth bracelet styles are also ideal for voucher redemption. We’ve seen this in recent years where these woven and/or dye-sublimated fabric bands serve as the entry tickets to festivals like Coachella. Those wristbands function as the chief pass granting concertgoers general admittance and special access; if that band is tampered with or removed, it becomes void and obsolete. This is exactly why these voucher methods have become the norm; unlike a paper ticket, it is much harder to break or lose something that is literally wrapped around and locked into place on your wrist. 

Benefits of Wristband Tickets

Wristbands also prove valuable when it comes to combatting illegal ticket replication and reproduction. Our wristband printing is done with waterproof, smudge-proof inks that may be further customized to create one-of-a-kind designs almost impossible to replicate. Depending on how tailored you wish for them to be, wrist tickets personalized with QR and bar codes, intricate logos or messaging, and distinct letter/number combinations can be produced. Added security measures such as foil stamps or blacklight inks may also be implemented to help offset counterfeiting efforts.

We also take our wristbands a step further and offer “tickets within wristband tickets”… our 1” Tyvek® voucher and vinyl cashtag styles come equipped with removable tabs that may be redeemed for drinks, food, raffles, and much more. Given all these benefits, it’s easy to see why people are leaving those antiquated paper tickets behind and replacing with new, innovative wristband tickets!