Bar & Nightclub Wristbands

Why Use Bar & Nightclub Wristbands?

Wristband Resources offers Bar and Night club wristbands that are a great option for gate control, security, and comfort wear. Most of our wristbands for clubs are security wristbands that enable you to easily control your crowd. Our wristbands for bars will be able to see if people paid, if they are VIPs, Over 21, Under 21, etc. The way you use them is up to you and we are more then ready to help you find the best solution. What is for certain is you will have a much better handle on your crowd!

Bar & Nightclub wristbands



Tyvek  Wristbands for Bars and Nightclubs

Our most popular option is Tyvek® wristbands because they are an affordable and secure option that are great for monitoring your crowd. We carry both in stock tyvek® and custom tyvek®. This lets you create a band with your text and/or logo that customers will wear home on their wrists! Also, customization makes your wristband unique to you, so it elimnates counterfit bands. Tyvek® wristbands stay on in water and the ink will not come off.

We have specific stock designs in 3/4" Tyvek wristbands perfect to use as bar wristbands or club bracelets for age verification reasons:

Over 21 Wristbands:

Over 21 Tyvek Wristbands

Age Verified Wristbands:

Age Verified Tyvek Wristbands

Age Verified Tyvek Wristbands

We do not carry under 21 wristbands, however, if you were wanting that, we have a customization tool on our site for you to create an under 21 wristband design. Click here to start customizing 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands.

Plastic Wristbands for Clubs and Bars

Plastic wristbands are excellent for multi day use. Soft and comfortable, each wristband has a security snap closure that must be destroyed to be removed. They offer you more durability and are less common then Tyvek® bands so they also help prevent fraudulent entry. You can also customize them and they are totally waterproof and stand up to extended use (so don't worry about spilled drinks).

Just like our Tyvek age verification designs, we also have plastic nightclub bracelets in the same design if you were wanting age verified wristbands in the plastic material. Along with that, we also have plastic VIP wristbands for VIP reasons rather than differentiating people by age.  

Gold Age Verified Plastic WristbandsBlack VIP plastic wristbands

Holographic Plastic Wristbands:

We also have holographic plastic wristbands that would be very fitting to use as disco wristbands or bar and nightclub bracelets because they are shiny and easily stand out in a crowd.  Also, we have VIP holographic bands if you are needing VIP wristbands to stand out even more than regular sold color plastic writbands.  You will know instantly who is a VIP at your bar and nightclub with these holographic wristbands.

VIP holographic plastic wristbands

Vinyl and Cloth Bar & Nightclub Wristbands

We also offer both Vinyl wristbands and cloth wristbands that can be used for security at your bar or night club.  They are both highly durable and will last multiple days, though we recommend them for 3-7 day use.  We also offer vinyl cash tags wristbands. These have tear off vouchers that can be used for drinks, foor or anything you want to give away.