Animal ID Bands | Disposable Pet ID Tags

Animal ID bands afford veterinary clinics an easy and cost-effective way to ensure the security and safety of animals in their facility. Vets are not the only ones using this solution—animal hospitals, breeders, kennels, and shelters use animal ID bands to identify animals, especially when working with identical breeds. We offer three different kinds of bands that can be used as disposable collars to identify different animals—Tyvek®, plastic, and direct thermal.

animal id bands

Types of Animal ID Bands


Tyvek® animal ID bands are perfect for short-term use. Made from a highly-durable paper-like material, these bands can act as temporary collars for animals. You can use a marker on the surface of the band to write important information about the animal. Each band features an adhesive closure that can be adjusted to fit any neck size. For this reason, they can be used for cats, dogs, and other animals. Some of our customers choose to print their business logo on the band as well for an extra layer of security.


Plastic animal ID bands are another option. Assembled from specialized layers of polyethylene and polyester, plastic pet id bands feature water, stretch, and tear-proof cores that are both flexible and comfortable. Equipped with formidable, locking snap-closures, plastic bands cannot be removed or transferred without evidence of tampering. This makes them a reliable identification solution. Just one band can act as a temporary collar for a small animal. To create a bigger collar, multiple bands can be snapped together. These can also be written on using a marker, with custom printing available as well.

Direct Thermal

Direct thermal bands negate the need to write information on the surface of the band. Instead, using a direct thermal printer, you can print directly to the surface of the band. Our direct thermal bands are compatible with most direct thermal printers, including Zebra printers. Our direct thermal bands are 11” x 11’ have a 1” core with a roll diameter of 4.125”. Each 500 pack will contain two rolls of bands with 250 bands per roll.

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