Bar Code & Variable Data Wristbands

Bar Code & Variable Data Wristbands

Barcode Wristbands

Barcode wristbands offer events, attractions, and healthcare facilities a quick and easy way to access important information about a person. Our barcoded wristbands are checked for readability, and come in a variety of materials, each suitable for different occasions. For instance, a hospital may use barcode wristbands to convey crucial information pertaining to the patient. Information like previous procedures, allergies, and medications is crucial to know as healthcare professionals administer proper care. Whatever the case, barcode wristbands can communicate important information when you need it.


Barcode Wristbands Materials

Tyvek Barcode Wristbands

Our Tyvek barcode wristbands offer an affordable, yet, durable way to validate admission to guests at your event or attraction. These are also ideal for outpatient services for healthcare institutions. Each band features a secure adhesive closure that prevents the band from falling off or being transferred to another person. We recommend these bands for use up to 48 hours.

Plastic Barcode Wristbands

Plastic barcoded wristbands offer greater durability and are perfect for use up to a week. Each band features a secure locking snap which requires the band to be safely cut in order to be removed. These bands are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, which allows them to be used in a variety of settings. A few popular settings include:

  • Fairs and festivals
  • Long-term medical care
  • Summer camps
  • Retreats and resorts

Vinyl Barcode Wristbands

Vinyl barcoded wristbands are our most durable and comfortable offering. One can think of these as a step up from our plastic wristbands. These bands are suitable for pretty much any occasion and can be worn for up to two weeks.

Direct Thermal Barcode Wristbands

The healthcare world depends on direct thermal printing to quickly print important patient information on demand. It is no wonder that they also use barcodes to convey important patient information. Our direct thermal barcode wristbands can fit any wrist and offer the same dependability as any other product in the market.

Barcode wristbands

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