Party Wristbands

Perhaps you’ve seen event bracelets like party wristbands at other functions but didn’t know much about them… have you ever wondered how to work them into your own function, or where to get party wristbands in the first place? If so, you’re in luck! Here at Wristband Resources, we consider ourselves the wristband experts, so whether you’re looking to identify attendees, track raffles/drinks/food, or gift a keepsake/souvenir, we’re here to tell you the various ways in which to elevate your next get-together simply by utilizing our party bracelet custom styles. 

When it comes to throwing a party, wristbands have proven to make planning and execution easier for the host, especially at larger gatherings where guests can be anyone from the general public. As such, it is often key to maintain capacities of certain venues to ensure your crowd doesn’t exceed or violate building codes or regulations. In these cases, Tyvek® sequential numbering wristbands make keeping a head count an effortless task as the bands handed out, as well as those remaining in your possession, represent how many guests are in attendance. Our plastic wrist bracelets also assist with attendance, particularly when it comes to sectioning off areas of your party you want designated for certain invitees. Our holographic VIP designs allow you to expertly allot and quickly spot those who’ve been allowed access to those special sectors of the soiree.

Aside from crowd control, managing the ancillary details of a party can be made less complicated through the use of wristbands, specifically our vinyl cashtag styles. These sturdy and affordable solutions can be implemented when someone wishes to prepay for allotted amenities like food, beverages, and/or drawing tokens at their celebration or affair. The numbered tabs can be pulled off and redeemed so in essence, they represent tender paid in advance.
But custom party wristbands don’t just serve as pieces of practicality; they can also be given to guests as special mementos. Our silicone and cloth styles are extremely resilient, durable, and reusable, so designing these bracelets with a special message and presenting to partygoers allows them to reminiscence on the occasion long after the party has ended. Be it a birthday, anniversary, holiday party… we’ve even seen them be used as wedding party wristbands! These bands custom nature and ability to be worn indefinitely makes them an ideal choice amongst those looking to add personalization and exclusiveness to their festivities.