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Drink Ticket Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands add value to just about any event. Made with a three-layer construction, our vinyl wristbands are soft, comfortable, and highly durable. They are also highly customizable. When you order your wristbands through Wristband Resources™, you get to personalize your wristbands to your liking. That includes custom text, font, and graphics. One of the most overlooked ways vinyl wristbands add value is by monitoring alcohol sales. This article will discuss how vinyl drink ticket wristbands can make your next event a great one. We will also discuss how you can create your own event wristbands.

Benefits of Drink Ticket Wristbands

#1 Charge More Per Ticket

For your next event, consider selling beverages as part of your admission fee. When you use drink ticket wristbands, you guarantee the sale of alcoholic beverages because they are included when somebody pays to get in. Simply tear off one of the tabs and present it in the bar area.

#2 Control Alcohol Consumption

We have all been to an event where one of the guests has a few too many and behaves inappropriately. You and the rest of the attendees want nothing more than to cut this person off. You can control how many drinks your guests can have with drink ticket wristbands. That way, everyone can drink and have fun without having too much fun.

#3 Reduce Fraud

Whenever you use cash, you run the risk of theft. The average bar or restaurant loses roughly $11,000 per year to employee theft. If you host a lot of events, there is a good chance that you might be stolen from at some point, unfortunately.

When you use cash, you also run the risk of attendees stealing from your servers. When there are lots of people at the bar, it is hard for your bartenders to keep track of tips. This makes it easy for one of your guests to steal the tips when your bartender is busy preparing a drink for another guest. If you use drink ticket wristbands, you can factor in gratuity to the price of admission.

#4 Create a Convenient Event Experience

You create a convenient event experience for your guests when they don’t have to continuously take out their wallets. Guests love having everything they need right on their wrists. It gives the illusion that their drinks and food are free. It also ensures that they don’t overspend, which is great for your budget-conscious guests.


Customize Your Drink Ticket Wristbands

Preparing for your upcoming event or fundraiser? You have come to the right place. Wristband Resources™ gives you the tools to design the perfect wristband. We offer vinyl wristbands with up to seven pull-off tabs that can be used to get food and drinks, enter raffles, and more. To design the perfect wristband for your next event, follow these easy steps.

Step One: Select the Right Wristband

As mentioned earlier, we offer vinyl wristbands with up to seven pull-off tabs. Decide how many tabs you need for your event and click Customize Now.

Step Two: Select Preview Colors

These preview colors are simply to help you visualize your amazing design. You will select colors and quantities in a later step. Select your band color as well as your imprint (font) color. When you are done, click Next Step.

Step Three: Add Text

To begin, click Add New Text. From here, you can experiment with different fonts and font sizes. Keep in mind that you can add more than one text box by selecting Add New Text again. Feel free to play around with this until you create the perfect design. Be sure to check your spelling. Our machines cannot proofread for you and will print whatever is given to them. When you are ready, click Next Step.

Step four: Add Graphics

To begin adding graphics, simply select Add Graphic. Then click Change under the box that reads No Logo. From there, you can choose clipart that we have free and available to you, or upload your own graphics or logo from your computer. Be sure to view all of our graphics by browsing through the dropdown menu. When you are done adding graphics to your wristband, click Next Step.

Step Five: Finalize the Design

Last call! Give your design one more proof. If it looks good, check the box that reads I approve this design. Then click Approve & Select Colors. Now you can select the exact colors and quantities you want for your next event. Once finished, add your designs to your cart and complete your order. We will get to work on creating your wristbands as fast as we can.

Need Support?

If you still have questions or need additional support, start a chat with a live representative in the bottom right corner of your screen. We look forward to helping you throw a great event using drink ticket wristbands!

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