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Cartier Bracelet Alternatives 

One of the most popular pieces of jewelry ever designed is the Cartier Love Bracelet. In 2016, it was the most searched jewelry item on Google. As a powerhouse jewelry brand, Cartier offers a variety of different high-end bracelets. Cartier bracelets feature precious metals and diamonds that catch the eye and look fantastic, hence the price of these items. Cartier bracelets can cost as little (a relative term) as $750 to the price of a decent-sized house. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to wear such an accessory every day, especially when it may become damaged or dirtied. This article will discuss the benefits of silicone bracelet substitutes, and how you can design your own right from our website.

Benefits of Silicone Bracelets


Our silicone bracelets are designed to take a beating. Made with 100% durable silicone, our bands are durable, stretch-resistant, and non-allergenic. When it comes to choosing a substitute for your Cartier bracelets, you have a few options—beaded bracelets, string bracelets, woven bracelets—you name it. However, no other bracelet material can match the durability of silicone. It is also an easy material to clean should it become dirty.


Compared to other alternatives and substitutes for Cartier bracelets, silicone bracelets are typically less expensive. When sold individually, our silicone bracelets cost just a couple of dollars and change. We usually recommend purchasing more than one bracelet at a time so you can save money and have a backup should you lose one or it becomes damaged.


You deserve to feel comfortable when you aren’t wearing your Cartier bracelets, or any fine jewelry for that matter. All our bands are designed so that you forget you are even wearing one. They are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as they are non-allergenic, breathable, and offer a soft and smooth texture. With their unmatched comfort, silicone bracelets have become a favored choice for fashion, awareness campaigns, and charitable causes alike.

Design Your Cartier Bracelet Substitute

Though these silicone bracelets are mere substitutes for your beautiful Cartier bracelets, we allow you to make them extra special by giving you the tools you need to make them perfect. Using our online configurator, you can add text, graphics, and more. But before you begin, you much choose a bracelet style.

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Debossed silicone bracelets are made with a laser engraver or mold. Your design is sunken into the surface of the silicone band and can be felt. On the other hand, embossed bracelets have the design raised from the surface of the wristband. Wristband Resources™ allows you to personalize your bands by choosing your font, text size, and up to four graphics.


Our printed silicone bracelets are made using silk-screen technology. The way it works is simple. You customize the bracelet to your liking and we print it over the top layer of the band, leaving a smooth, sleek texture.


Ink-injected bracelets combine debossing and printing to create a great wristband. First, we engrave your custom design into the wristband before it gets injected with long-lasting ink. This guarantees that your design will be protected from wearing over time.


Color-coated bracelets are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band. This design displays the text more vividly and adds an artistic touch.

Typically, we recommend using our Color-Coated or Ink-Injected styles for bracelets being used as jewelry substitutes because the contrast of imprint and band colors emphasizes your design.

Step One: Choose Your Band

Though it is true that larger bands allow for larger customizations, most of our customers choose our standard ½” band. Here, you will also select a band color. We have an enormous variety to choose from, including segmented and swirled colors.

Step Two: Get to Work

If applicable, begin by choosing an imprint (text) color. You can add up to 30 characters of text on both the front and back of the band, which means you can technically add two different messages if you choose. You can also add your own graphics directly from your device, or use any of our free clipart.

Step Three: Finalize

After you are finished selecting any desired extras and choosing your shipping preferences, be sure to do one last review of your bracelet design. Remember, our machines can only create what is given to them. If everything looks great, check the box to approve the design. You did it!

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