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Fundraising Ideas

Schools, charities, and nonprofits rely heavily on donations and fundraising efforts to stay afloat and fulfill their objectives. For that reason, these organizations cannot afford to have “lemon” fundraising campaigns. In this article, we will discuss four big-money fundraising ideas that your organization can try today.

#1: Charity Bracelet Sale

Perhaps the single ultimate fundraising item is rubber bracelets. Though a simple item, these bracelets allow you to amplify your brand and yield a high profit margin. Rubber bracelets are different from other fundraising items because they can stay on a person’s wrist indefinitely. Unlike shirts that need to be washed, and coffee mugs that only get used when your favorite mug needs to be cleaned, rubber bracelets have the power to give your organization some much-needed exposure. Most importantly, when bought in bulk, these rubber bracelets cost just cents per piece. However, your supporters will likely buy them for as much as $5.

big money fundraising ideas

#2: Charity Auctions

Auctions are a great way to raise money with little to no upfront costs. Most of the time, you can ask local businesses and organizations to make a donation to be auctioned off. The following are a few popular auction items:

  • Gym memberships
  • Gift baskets
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Season passes to amusement parks or water parks
  • Spa day passes
  • Trips and vacations

If hosting a traditional auction isn’t your cup of tea, no worries. You can also host a silent auction as part of a bigger event. The choice is entirely yours.

#3: Casino Night

Feeling lucky? Give casino night a try. First things first, price your admission high enough to cover your operational expenses. Be sure to design some fun admission wristbands for your event. Your guests will enjoy playing Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Craps, and Bingo. You can make your event feel like an actual casino (whilst increasing your revenue) by serving dinner and drinks, which might give your guests the courage to continue gambling. In fact, you can include food and beverage as part of the cost of admission using tabbed wristbands. When a guest wants a bite to eat or a beverage, all they must do is pull a tab from their wristband and redeem it. This also allows you to monitor alcohol consumption.

big money fundraising ideas casino night

#4: Trivia Competition

If you have a venue for this event and some prize donations, you can host a fun trivia night at little to no cost. Simply promote your event, put together some fun categories and questions, and ensure that you have enough volunteers to run your event. Like any fundraising event, be sure to also offer refreshments. If the weather is nice, why not fire up the grill and make some burgers or wings? Burgers and wings go great with trivia and friends!

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