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RFID Festival Wristbands

All sorts of festivals are turning to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to improve security and guest experience. RFID uses radio waves to identify people and objects through a tag. These tags, when used in a festival setting, are usually found right on your guests’ wrists. When you use RFID wristbands, you can collect data that allows you to make improvements to your event, increase revenue, and minimize fraudulent activity. RFID festival wristbands are a reliable, innovative tool that is worth the investment.

How does RFID work?

Two components go into RFID technology—tags and readers. Readers emit radio waves and receive signals from tags. On the other hand, tags use these radio waves to communicate data to the reader. Most festivals utilize passive RFID tags, which do not require an internal power source. Rather, they draw power directly from the reader during the scanning process.

RFID Festival Wristbands

RFID Scanning Process

  1. The tag stores data. This data is typically inputted by the user of the RFID tag and can include payment information, admissions data, and a general profile of the user.
  2. A reader’s antenna acknowledges the signal of the nearby tag. This initiates the connection.
  3. The antenna connects to the reader and then collects data stored on the tag.
  4. The Reader sends the data to a database where it will be stored. This happens in a blink of an eye.

Benefits of RFID Festival Wristbands

Reduce Wait Times

Nobody enjoys waiting in line, especially not your eager festival goers. Your guests will appreciate faster-moving lines when you incorporate RFID festival wristbands. Using RFID, guests can scan themselves in rather than having a staff member validate their admission. This strategy also allows you to reduce labor costs as you won’t require as much security at each of your entrances.

Minimize Fraud

When guests lose their wristbands, you run the risk of fraud. But when you use RFID, you can simply deactivate their last wristband and issue a new one in minutes. RFID also allows you to remove cash from your event. Using RFID, guests can just can the tag on their wristband to order refreshments, buy merchandise, and more. Without cash, you greatly reduce the risk of theft.

Collect Data

Festivals can use RFID wristbands to collect data on the activity of guests to draw insights that might help improve future events. Using RFID, you can identify areas and times of increased foot traffic, actions being taken, and transactions being made. Using this data, you can make decisions that will enhance the overall festival experience for your guests.

RFID Festival Wristband Materials

Our RFID festival wristbands come in a variety of materials, each with unique benefits. When choosing the right wristband material, take both durability and usability into consideration.


Tyvek® offers an inexpensive, tamper-proof material that can be used to make RFID festival wristbands. This paper-like material is perfect for festivals lasting only a day or two, and can often otherwise be found in a nightclub, bar, or restaurant setting.

Plastic and Vinyl

Plastic and vinyl are the most durable materials that we use to make RFID wristbands for festivals. Plastic and vinyl wristbands are usually used for up to a week and two weeks respectively, and add an extra layer of security to any festival. Made with a secure snap closure, these bands cannot be removed unless safely cut from the wrist. Outside of festivals


Silicone wristbands are different from our other materials because they offer reusability. While many gyms and apartment complexes use these to monitor entry into their facilities, festivals often choose silicone because guests can use it as a memento of the festival. When they wear them, these bands can be used as a promotional items. These are also the preferred wristband for seasonal pass programs.


Fabric wristbands are our most popular material for RFID wristbands because they are built for comfort and security. Made with high-quality fabric and an RFID slider/locking bead closure, the fabric offers the most protection against transfer and counterfeiting. It is also extremely comfortable and will not irritate the skin, no matter how long it is worn.

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