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RFID Fabric Wristbands

RFID technology is changing the way events are organized. It has also changed the way attendees experience an event. For example, using RFID technology, event organizers no take cash payments. Instead, attendees can add their payment information to a database ahead of time and make payments through their RFID wristbands with just a tap of the wrist. This makes the process of getting food, drinks, and souvenirs far more efficient. This both increases the speed of service and revenue for the event organizer. For multi-day excursions, RFID fabric wristbands combine durability and efficiency for a better event experience.

3 Benefits of Using Fabric Wristbands


RFID fabric wristbands offer a material option that is comfortable, making them ideal for multi-day events and excursions. Our comfortable, long-lasting cloth wristbands are adjustable to any size of wrist, soft, and visually appealing.


As an event organizer, you need a supplier that offers the ability to personalize your wristbands. Worry not, Wristband Resources™ has you covered. We put the power of custom branding in your hands. Add text, logos, and custom fonts to your wristband designs. We make it simple!


Our fabric wristbands are waterproof, tear-resistant, and made from high-quality polyester. Your attendees won’t have to worry about accidentally damaging their wristbands. Our fabric is guaranteed to last for days.

3 Benefits of Using RFID Wristbands

Minimize Fraud

RFID technology allows you to uniquely identify each of your attendees. Unlike barcode technology, RFID cannot easily be duplicated. You can rest assured that all of your attendees have paid to attend your event, and nobody is using a counterfeit band to enter. Also using RFID, you can reduce your need for cash payments, and therefore reduce theft. In fact, many events and attractions that use RFID wristbands have eliminated cash payments entirely. Instead, guests attach their payment information to their RFID tags. Then, when it is time to get a beverage or a souvenir, just tap your wristband. Should a guest lose their wristband, you can quickly deactivate it and issue a new one.


One of the most overlooked, yet important benefits of RFID wristband technology is the data you can collect about how guests interact with your events. RFID helps you gain insights into the most trafficked areas of your event or attraction, as well as the actions being taken. Using this information, you can make data-driven decisions on the placement of concessions and souvenir stands, identify where staff is most needed, and learn how to reduce wait times.

More Meaningful Interactions

Long lines dissuade your guests and attendees from engaging with your sponsors or making an additional purchase of concessions or souvenirs. Believe it or not, RFID wristbands reduce the amount of time your guests must wait in line. Because most interactions result in merely a tap of the wrist, lines move much more quickly. This encourages guests to have more interactions, creating an overall more engaging experience. This also provides value to your sponsors as more and more guests interact and can share their information.

Wristband Resources™ is Here to Help

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, our customer satisfaction, and the speed at which we produce our amazing wristbands. We serve a variety of different kinds of businesses with our RFID fabric wristbands, most notably:

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