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Bracelets with Meaning Behind It

Affirmation bracelets act as tools to motivate, reassure, and encourage those wearing them. Oftentimes, these bracelets are gifted to them by a significant other, relative, or dear friend. For that reason, they hold sentimental value. With this sentiment comes an aversion to wearing the bracelet during times when it may become damaged, dirtied, or ruined. For that reason, it is good to have cheap, durable alternatives that can be worn on any occasion. This article will explain the benefits of silicone alternatives, and how you can create bracelets with meaning using our online configurator.

Bracelets with Meaning Behind It

Benefits of Silicone Affirmation Bracelets


Bracelets with meaning don’t necessarily need a shocking price tag. Rather, they need to hold intrinsic value to the person who wears them. While it may be fun to wear your posh jewelry on nice occasions, you don’t want to wear them all the time, especially at times where it may become damaged. It is for that reason that many choose to keep a silicone replacement for occasions when they want to continue wearing their favorite bracelet without the risk of damaging it.


Our rubber bracelets are non-allergenic, durable, and made with only the highest-quality silicone. Many of our customers expect these bands to last six months to a year and are pleasantly surprised when they last much longer. They are also stretch and tear-resistant, waterproof, and comfortable to wear, even for prolonged periods. You’ll forget you’re wearing even wearing a bracelet!


We give you all the tools you need to customize bracelets with meaning right on our online configurator. Right from our website, you can add custom text and graphics to your band. We offer a variety of styles to choose from.


Embossed bracelets add a three-dimensional aspect to your design by raising your text and graphics from the surface of your band. With the touch of your finger, you will feel your design.


Debossed bracelets are different from embossed ones. Instead of raising the text from then surface of the band, the design is engraved into the band with a laser engraver. It is also important to note that debossed bracelets have the longest lifespan.


Imprinted bracelets are our most popular style. To create these, we print your graphics and text to the surface of the band using wear-resistant ink. This allows you to achieve the most design detail of any style.


To create ink-injected bracelets, we begin by debossing your bracelet before filling your engraving with high-quality ink. This ink helps protect your bracelet from wear and tear.


These two-toned bracelets are first debossed before being filled with ink matching the interior of the band. This creates a striking contrast that amplifies your text.

bracelets with meaning

Design Bracelets with Meaning

Ready to begin designing the perfect bracelet? Simply follow these few steps to create the perfect design for your bracelet. Using our online wristband configurator, you can create personalization that encourages and provides affirmation.

Step One: Choose a Style

First things first, choose from our many bracelet styles.

Step Two: Choose a Band Size

We offer a variety of band sizes, ranging ¼” to 2”. Most of our customers choose our ½” size, but you can choose a smaller or larger size if that is what you desire. Larger sizes are sometimes chosen because they allow for larger designs.

Step Three: Choose a Band Color

Depending on your reason for wearing a bracelet, you may have a color in mind. Perhaps the best example would be the color light pink, which symbolizes support for breast cancer awareness. Of course, you don’t have to associate your bracelet with a cause—you can simply choose your favorite color. The choice is entirely yours. We also offer segmented and swirled colors.

Step Four: Design Your Band

In this step, you will add text and graphics. You can add up to 60 characters of text, as well as up to four graphics. You can choose any of our free-to-use clipart, or upload your own from your device. Be sure to choose your preferred font and text size as well.

Step Five: Finalize

Last step! Simply provide your shipping preferences and approve your design. You did it!


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