Admission Bracelets

Admission Bracelets are the perfect way to monitor a crowd at an event in a straightforward and simplistic way. Because our admittance and entry bands are made with tamper-proof closures, this feature makes these admission bands ideal for any occasion where customers pay to attend, or a head count of those present must be recorded. Our admission wristbands are also waterproof and stretch resistant, so no matter the setting nor diversities amongst your audience, we guarantee to have the right size and style of event admission wristbands to fit your needs.

Consider our Tyvek® bracelets for example: we stock general admission wristbands in colors red, blue, goldenrod, and green, to make tracking attendance relaxed but controlled. Ideal for 1-2 day events, we see these used often for zoos, aquariums, field trips, and sporting events. Make your event more exciting by creating custom bracelets for kids, and since our Tyvek® bands are fully adjustable, you don't have to worry about the hassle of ordering the correct sizes for everyone. They are also great for screening employees and/or customers.

If you’re looking to disperse entrance wristbands for affairs that will last a few days, consider our plastic or vinyl style bands. These are made from extremely robust and unyielding material that will hold up over an extended period of time (sometimes as long as 2 weeks). You can get a custom round bracelet by purchasing our wide vinyl or plastic to get more room on the bands for a logo or design. These bands are great for places like amusement and water parks where there’s often a need for repeated wear.

Additionally, our cloth wristbands provide an elevated look and feel to your event, and just like the custom admission wristbands listed above, can be made to feature unique designs of text and/or logos that allow you to promote your event while still making it secure. Just select the cloth bands with a locking bead to ensure these bracelets are one-time use! These are a preferred option amongst outdoor music festivals and concerts, in addition to events where multiple sponsors wish to take part and advertise their participation.