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Identification wristbands allow you to easily validate admission to your event, attraction, or fundraiser. Using these ID wristbands, you can quickly identify trespassers and distinguish important information about your guests. For example, you can use these ID wristbands to distinguish general admission, VIP guests, guests who can be served alcohol, and more. We offer ID wristbands in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. You can also make your design using our easy-to-use online configurator. Here is how it works.

ID Wristband Design Process

Step One: Preview Colors

Begin by selecting a preview color for your band. This is to help you visualize your design. You will select colors and quantities later on. Click Next Step.

Step Two: Add Text

Click Add New Text. Here you can choose your font and size, and add whatever text suits your fancy. When you are ready, click Next Step to add graphics.

Step Three: Graphics

Click Add Graphics. Here, you can add your graphics, or use some of our free-to-use clipart. Click Change, to select a graphic, or upload one from your device.

Step Four: Approval

Before we can get to work on customizing your waterpark wristbands, review your design one last time. If you are satisfied, approve the order and select your colors. You did it!

ID wristbands

ID Wristband Materials

Tyvek® Identification Wristbands

Our Tyvek® identification wristbands are our most popular choice, especially for short-term events. These paper-like bands are comfortable, cost-effective, and secure. Each ID wristband features a secure adhesive that ensures these bands cannot be removed without being safely cut from the wrist. The best part is that they are made with 100% recyclable material.

Plastic Identification Wristbands

Our plastic identification wristbands offer a little extra durability. We recommend these for up to seven days of use and are great for outdoor and indoor use. They are waterproof, comfortable, and secure. These ID wristbands are often popular for resorts, hotels, and wilderness retreats.

Vinyl Identification Wristbands

Vinyl ID wristbands offer the greatest longevity, strength, and comfort. You can think of these as an upgrade from plastic identification wristbands. If controlling alcohol consumption is your goal, try drink ticket wristbands. Like our plastic offering, these also feature a secure locking snap for added security. These can be used for up to two weeks, and are great for long-term events. Healthcare institutions often turn to these when long-term care is required as well.

Cloth Identification Wristbands

Cloth wristbands are designed for comfort and durability. Festivals, fairs, and concerts often use these because they are fun, trendy, and extremely comfortable. These bands feature a security closure that ensures that the band will stay off the wrist until you are ready to remove it.

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