Identification Wristbands

The term identification wristbands (also known as identity wristbands or id wristbands) may refer to any id band used for the purposes of identifying a certain pre-qualifier or characteristic set forth by a person or organization. A wrist id bracelet essentially serves as visual confirmation that someone has met a precise prerequisite.

These wristbands can come in many different colors, sizes, and materials. For example, we offer plastic id wristbands, vinyl id wristbands, and paper id bands. Due to this these wristbands can be used in many different ways and for many different reasons. They can even be id wristbands for events to make sure everyone that is allowed into an event is actually suppose to be attending.

Some other uses of wristbands identification are:

  • Identify  someone has paid to attend a particular event (such as general admission) 
  • Verify someone meets an age requirement (like over 21)
  • Recognize someone has received special access (i.e. VIP)
  • Show sponsorship, association, or collaboration (think any custom or personalized design)
  • Medical uses which the bands are then called identity bands medical wristbands
  • Screening wristbands


Our id wristbands or armbands come in a variety of styles and designs, each developed with the intent of helping our customers maintain a secure and organized function or event. For instance, our Tyvek® (also known as paper id bracelets) contain an adhesive, die cut closure; this feature makes the band unusable if anyone tries to remove the bracelet or give it away. Another popular choice are our plastic and vinyl wristbands for identification bands; both feature snap closures that are destroyed when attempting to remove from your wrist. Like the Tyvek®, the intent of the plastic and vinyl wristbands id is to prevent tampering and control crowds / gate entry. 

But id bands don’t have to be limited to short term or one-time use. We offer silicone and cloth identification bands for adults and kids that allow people to affiliate themselves with your establishment and/or event even after their initial use has come to pass. These styles are fully customizable and capable of supporting your own personal artwork, messages, and/or logos. They are also reusable, so your bands may be retained as keepsakes, allowing the recipients to continue identifying themselves as supporters and/or patrons of your organization for a long time to come.