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How to Remove Festival Wristbands

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you just attended an amazing festival and want to save your event wristband as a memento of the amazing time you had. One little problem—you can’t seem to get it off your wrist and you don’t want to cut it. Don’t worry, we got your back. This article will show you how to remove festival wristbands without damaging them.


Tips for Making Your Cloth Festival Wristband Easy to Remove

Don’t Put it On Too Tight

When you arrive at the festival and get your wristband, don’t tighten it too much to your wrist. Of course, you don’t want it so loose that it falls off your wrist. Tighten it so that it stays on your wrist, but not so tight that you cannot use one of the following removal methods. If the event requires a staff member to apply the wristband, you can politely ask that it not be too tight. Odds are, they will comply with your request.

Don’t Fidget

Read that again. Don’t fidget! Throughout the course of the festival, you will be tempted to play with your wristband. The more you do that, the tighter your wristband will become, and the more difficult it will be to remove later. Instead, bring another item that you can use to fidget. Perhaps and stress ball or a rubber band?

How to Remove a Festival Wristband

The Twist Method

Cloth is the most commonly used material for festival wristbands. Why? They are designed to be adjustable to fit any sized wrist. They are also highly durable and perfect for outdoor use. The goal of using the Twist Method is to allow the cloth band to slip through the teeth inside the plastic ring.

Step One: Begin by twisting the two ends of the band together until they are tightly wound.

Step Two: Gently begin pulling the plastic ring down the band until you have enough space to remove your hand.

Step Three: Now that you have two hands to work with, repeat steps one and two until you are happy with the looseness of your band.

The Plastic Bag Method

The other method for removing festival wristbands is to use a plastic bag. This method can be used to remove cloth wristbands as well as wristbands made from other materials. In fact, we recommend trying this technique with plastic and vinyl wristbands as well.

Step One: Place your hand in the plastic bag.

Step Two: Pull the handles of the bag through the space between the band and your wrist.

Step Three: With your other hand, grab the handles and pull. You might also have to pull in the opposite direction with your other hand. Your wristband should begin to roll over your hand, and eventually off your wrist.

What about other methods?

When it comes to removing plastic and vinyl wristbands, we recommend the Plastic Bag Method. This is the safest way to take off almost any wristband without breaking it. But what about other methods? Well, there are other ways, but we certainly don’t recommend any of them. You can find videos of people using sharp metal tools to un-snap the bands on YouTube. You may notice that none of these wristbands are actually on anybody’s wrists in the videos. That is because these methods pose real safety hazards. Please, do not try this. Instead, safely use a pair of scissors to cut the band, assuming none of the other methods in this article work for you.

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