Self Adhesive Wristbands

Our self adhesive wristbands  are manufactured with the highest qualities and materials available to ensure the product you receive is sound and effective every single time. Produced in the United States from DuPont’s™ strong but lightweight textile Tyvek®, these paper adhesive bracelets are perfect for short term events where functions such as admission, security, and accountability are top of mind.

The Tyvek® adhesive bracelet we supply is waterproof; this feature applies to the band material, ink, and “tape” used to adhere the band shut. The adhesive closure in particular is so durable that the band cannot be removed or corrupted without destroying the diecut pattern; this further indicates that the band has been manipulated, which makes it a great choice for organizations looking to track paying patrons. But these wristbands with adhesive are also beneficial for the wearer, for you won’t have to worry about the band coming off in the shower, pool, rain, or any other source of water. This means that if you have paid for your wristband and need it to last for an event spanning several days, you can rest easy knowing it’s not going anywhere and you won’t have to pay to replace it!

We offer self-adhesive Tyvek® bands in 2 width sizes: ¾” and 1”. Both sizes boast a significant printable area for custom logos, imagery, or text. This allows for another built-in safety measure as it makes the bands harder to counterfeit or copy for unregulated resale / reproduction. Additionally, all adhesive event wristbands are 10” long, adjustable to fit any wrist, to ensure all recipients may wear with comfort and ease.