Concert Wristbands

We carry a number of wristbands that can be used as Concert Wristbands or Venue Wristbands for either security or as a souvenir. From a security stand point a concert bracelet enables you to easily identify paid customers, of age customers and/or VIP customers. We carry Tyvek®, Plastic, Vinyl and Cloth wristbands for security purposes. If you are looking for souvenir type of wristband we offer both Silicone wristbands and Cloth concert hand bands (for security and/or a souvenir).

Concert Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands are the most affordable option and still offer the same security as any of our bands and last 1 - 2 days. Our Plastic and Vinyl concert bracelets are security bands and last 3 - 7 days and 7 - 14 days respectively. All three options can be customized so they fit your event and the more unique you make it, the more it will prevent fraudulent entry. A nice bonus is having your logo on customers wrists when they leave your event and go out into the world.

Cloth concert wristbands can be completely customized so you can fully brand them to your event. You can also get either a security closure or re-usable closure. Please call 1.888.256.0816 for more information on how to customize.

Silicone wristbands offer you a product that you can customize and sell as a souvenir for your event. They are not security wristbands because they are reusable wristbands. There is no closure like how Tyvek, plastic, and vinyl wristbands are, so people would easily be able to reuse/swap wristbands with each other. Sell these at booths as music wristbands or give them out to help spread the message! They are great as souvenirs to remember the concert you attended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are concert wristbands waterproof?

    Concert wristbands are often made from the water-resistant material known as DuPont™ Tyvek®. Plastic, vinyl and cloth- also popular materials for concert wristbands- are waterproof.

  • How to loosen a concert wristband

    Because concert wristbands are usually Tyvek, plastic, or vinyl wristbands, they won't be able to be loosened once applied. However, if you have cloth writbands for your concert, those can be loosened. This creates less security at your event though since people can remove them/reuse them.