Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

Silicone medical ID bracelets are a practical way to communicate vital information to first responders during an emergency. Often made from sterling silver, stainless steel, and/or gold plating, silicone medical alert bracelets in particular have emerged as frontrunners in the medical ID market over the past few years. Comprised of 100% silicone (lead and latex-free), these personal medical alert bracelets have proven to be highly effective options, especially for those with metal allergies, since the silicone style is hypoallergenic. Silicone medical bracelets are ideal for many reasons, one of which being the low cost to manufacture & obtain, especially in comparison to the alternatives. They are also durable, reusable, waterproof, and resistant to heat, chemicals and UV light.

Another benefit to using medical ID silicone wrist bands is that they are completely customizable. Custom silicone medical alert bracelets are typically designed with the information or instructions needed to properly treat the individual during a crisis or trauma (including a sport injury), regardless of whether the patient is responsive or not. Custom medical bracelets help reduce potential mistakes caused by paramedics and other medical professionals. So what exactly does one input onto silicone medical awareness bracelets? Some of the more essential details commonly incorporated are:

  • Medical condition/s and diagnoses
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Food and/or drug allergies
  • Emergency contact information
  • Administration or action commands; some well-known abbreviations are:
    • DNH  (do not hospitalize)
    • DNR (do not resuscitate)
    • NPO (nothing by mouth)
    • TX (transplant)

So for example, diabetic medical alert silicone bands may include the person’s name, date of birth, diabetes type, and ‘ICE’ (i.e. ‘in case of emergency’ contact). Of course, since a medical bracelet is exclusive to whomever is wearing it and their precise medical needs, it is always recommended to consult with one’s doctor or specialist first to ensure the content contained is accurate and relevant.


So what medical conditions require a medical alert bracelet? It is usually advised by physicians and healthcare experts that anyone with a severe medical condition or allergy (food, drug, insect) should wear either a metal or silicone medical alert bracelet. Diabetes, epilepsy, seizure disorders, asthma, cardiac problems, kidney disease… these are just a few of many conditions where medic alert bands have proven appropriate and necessary.

Within the medical I.D. world, yet another silicone style has gained notoriety: medical alert USB flash drive silicone bracelets. These tech-savvy bands are capable of containing all your medical information including a living will, medical directives, and even your complete medical history. Just like a standard medical band, first responders are trained to look for this type of identification. Once located, they insert the USB into their onboard computer and from there can access any medical information stored within (often without the need for cellphone access, passwords, or Wi-Fi.) These kinds of medical alert bands are typically PC and Mac™ compatible, secure, and easy to update.

In an emergency when time is critical and every second counts, medical ID alert silicone bracelets effectively advocate for your health and safety by speaking for you (even when you cannot). Medical identification bracelets save lives- plain & simple. If you are interested in learning more about our silicone wristband offerings in relation to medical alert bracelets, visit our custom design tool page to get started right away! Otherwise, our Customer Service Team is available Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm CST, and can help you to obtain the perfect medical alert band unique to you!