Schools & Fundraising Wristbands

Wristbands for Schools

School Spirit

Silicone wristbands are a great for students to show their school spirit on a regular basis or for a school spirit day. The wristbands can be of your school colors and include your school mascot and school name. This can also be done for specific school sports teams to show support to classmates.

For the class

For elementary school grades and/or after school programs, students can feel more connected by wearing matching silicone wristbands that are designed specifically for their class. This is a great back to school gift for the class to get the students excited for the school year, especially for the new students to feel welcomed. This also allows teachers to know what grade/class students are in if the student is lost.

AchievementsEmbossed Silicone Wristbands

Students love to be rewarded for their achievements in school. Wristbands can be handed out to students who have great attendance, make the honor roll, or are student of the month, a star reader, etc. You can also do a system of wristband levels where there are 3 wristband colors, and they try to make it to the 3rd wristband. This can be done for their milestones in reading, math, fitness levels, etc. Kids can wear their special wristband, knowing they worked hard for it.


Students can feel motivated to work harder/participate more knowing there is a prize involved. For younger students, having a prize box for when students participate, show good behavior, follow classroom rules, work hard, etc. is a great way for students to be noticed for being a good student.

If your school does a carnival, silicone wristbands can be used as school prizes for the games that the students play. The wristbands can be designed specifically for the carnival so that kids can remember their experience.

Silicone Wristbands

School Events

Wristbands can be used for school event ticketing at high school dances, so staff can control who is allowed in the dance and who isn’t. Hand stamps or actual tickets can be used, but wristbands make the process more convenient for everyone since they are easily visible. For an elementary school/middle school dance, students could wear wristbands for the fun of it. Handing out glow in the dark bracelets at the dance would be a great addition to the experience for the students to remember.

Another common event schools do are field days. Groups can have a specific wristband color for staff to easily see where students should be during the field day games and activities.

Lunch Time

For schools that have a school lunch program, where kids can choose from the lunch menu, wristbands can help make the process smoother. Each meal option can be associated with a specific color wristband so when kids are making their way through the lunch line, staff can easily serve them the correct meal. This can speed up the process as kids can forget what meal they signed up for.

Lunch time can also be very stressful for the staff as many kids have allergies. Having the students with food allergies wear wristbands can help in this situation so staff can easily serve the correct food to the student.

School TripsTyvek Wristbands

School Field trips can get crazy at times, so having the students wear wristbands can help kids stay with their assigned group. Chaperons and teachers are able to easily know where each kid should be, by looking at their wristband color. You can even put the schools’ names and a contact number on the wristbands so if the child gets lost, the person knows who to call.

Bus Routes

In the beginning of the school year, elementary students who take the school bus might have a difficult time remembering what bus they are on. To solve this, wristbands can be used to help them find their bus to get home safely. Their school bus number can be written on their wristband to match the number school bus they need to get on. Also, staff will be able to easily help children find their busses so the busses can all leave on time.

Wristbands for Fundraising

Order stock or custom fundraising bracelets for all your school events today!

When hosting a school fundraising event, it is important to have a way to identify the attendees. Wristbands for fundraising are great because they stand out in a crowd and event organizers will be able to easily spot everyone that has a bracelet. 

We are also a supplier of high quality silicone bracelets for fundraising,Variety of Wristbands which are ideal for fundraisers or giveaways because they can be worn for months or even years to come. Some of our fundraiser wristbands slip easily off the wrist, while others must be cut off and are perfect for single day events.

Our wristbands are great options for gate control, security, and comfort wear. When you order with Wristband Resources, you can choose from several material choices for your fundraising wristbands, including Tyvek®, plastic, or vinyl, which are perfect for short-term events. Tyvek® wristbands are the most affordable option for most events. This material is water-resistant with a waterproof adhesive closure. Tyvek® fundraising bracelets can be customized, so you can create exactly the right look for your event with special artwork or a logo. Plastic wristbands are excellent for multi-day use because they are durable and will not fall off. Soft and comfortable, each plastic wristband is totally waterproof, has a security snap closure, and will stand up to extended use. Our vinyl bracelets are completely waterproof, also great for extended use, and can be customized.

Our Bracelets are Perfect for Your Next Wristband Fundraiser!

Our silicone bracelets for fundraising are perfect for raising funds or awareness about a school-wide cause. Simply have your logo of choice printed directly on the bracelet! A wristband fundraiser encourages supporters to purchase a wristband with all or part of the proceeds going directly to a good cause. Because silicone is extremely durable, it can continue to be worn for years to come! This is a great way to draw attention to your cause act as a continued show of support.

Debossed Silicone Wristbands

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