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Wristbands for Sports

No matter what sport you play, wristbands can serve many practical purposes. Below are just a few ways that wristbands are used by athletes and sports teams (youth and professional). 

Apparel / Merchandise Wristbands for Sports Organizations

It’s no secret that fans love to support their favorite sports teams through branded clothing and merchandise. Jerseys, hats, collectibles, and memorabilia have traditionally been the most coveted sports-related apparel, but recently the demand for team attire and products has grown exponentially to include everything from luxury handbags to designer shoes, to fine jewelry and even exotic car wraps! So it’s no surprise that silicone wristbands have grown in popularity amongst sports enthusiasts. Many teams even have their own officially licensed sports wristbands - whether it’s the New York Yankees in the MLB, Chicago Bulls in the NBA, or Duke Blue Devils and Miami Hurricanes in the NCAA. But professional teams aren’t the only organizations that sports aficionados are passionate about representing… high school, club, rec, and minor league teams also have dedicated fans who want to cheer them on publicly, even after the match or season has ended. Thus many of these teams will create and sell their own branded gear at games, booster clubs, gyms/studios, campus bookstores, etc., and custom sports wristbands are usually part of that mix! Because they are non-allergenic, comfortable, and economical, most people don’t think twice about purchasing these as it’s a consumer-friendly product that literally anyone can wear.

Awareness / Fundraising Wristbands for Sports Teams

The origin of silicone wristbands used for awareness and fundraising purposes began in the sports world in the early 2000s. Former professional cyclist & cancer survivor Lance Armstrong established The Lance Armstrong Foundation in 1997; the goal of the nonprofit organization was to provide support to cancer patients, as well as further research efforts for the disease. In 2003, the foundation launched its Livestrong brand, and a year later worked with Nike to manufacture & sell their now iconic, yellow silicone wristbands debossed with the word ‘LIVESTRONG.’ The bands were a hit to say the least: selling for a mere $1 per bracelet, the rubber-like bands ended up generating hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds for the charity! Ever since then, silicone bracelets have become synonymous with raising awareness and funds, so much so that groups, communities, and institutions of all types continue to use them for this very reason.

The impact of silicone athletic wristbands in the sports world remains a prominent trend to this day, particularly amongst college, high school, and club teams. Sports teams can create personalized sports bracelets that include their team logo for awareness purposes. Athletic programs often have limited budgets for equipment, travel/lodging, and uniforms, so using silicone sports bracelets to garner voluntary financial contributions has been a successful venture for many. For example, we’ve had customers use hockey silicone athletic bracelets personalized with their team logo and slogan at weekend tournaments to raise money for their traditionally more expensive safety gear like helmets, pads, and protective gloves.

Marketing / Promotions Wristbands for Sports Teams

For many brands and enterprises, the sports industry is a valuable resource to tap into for advertising and marketing opportunities. With millions of viewers and spectators every year, companies have found major success by attaching themselves with various sports teams, players, and events. Since sports and leisure entertainment can be consumed on a variety of platforms, sports marketing can thus take many forms. For example, teams sell advertising space inside their grounds to marketers who want to purchase billboards and other print ads, whereas radio and TV networks sell airtime during games and events. Famous athletes also sign contracts to work as celebrity endorsers, lending their well-known image and likeness to assorted products and services.

Another profitable way of driving business through the use of sports rubber bracelets is with sponsorships and cross-promotion. Simply insert a discount or deal onto the wristband design, then offer to stadiums and arenas to use in place of a paper ticket. Sports goers can then gain access to the event, as well as use the wristband’s loadable coupon for whatever promotion is being offered. This works extremely well for companies looking to steer tailgating and post-show crowds to their establishments immediately preceding or following the game.

Motivation & Inspiration for Athletes 

Motivation is the key to any athlete’s regimen and performance; it is the foundation of all physical, mental, and emotional labors. Without it, one’s energy, intensity, confidence, and overall level of achievement in their respective sport or activity can be negatively affected. However, getting motivated is often easier said than done, especially since we are all driven and influenced by different things. But a tried and true way for many athletes and competitors is through inspirational sayings or phrases, and since silicone wristbands are reusable, one-size-fits-most, cost effective and completely customizable, they are a natural fit for this intended use. You can create custom sports bracelets with a logo or team name on the band to match the sports team. Some inspiration phrases that could be added to your team rubber bracelets to motivate your players are:

  • You can do it!
  • Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.
  • "If you can belive it, the mind can achieve it" 
  • Train like an athlete

Those into CrossFit can attest to this better than anyone. CrossFit is defined as a fitness program that incorporates a wide range of high intensity exercises concentrated on strength and conditioning, primarily targeted towards one’s core. CrossFit’s appeal and popularity has grown massively over the past 2 decades since its inception in 2000, and has now become its own community of sorts with members sharing motivational ideas and tips with one another. As such, CrossFit silicone bracelets are used to help boost morale, participation, and unity amongst those involved in the sport. It’s also not uncommon for an instructor to give personalized CrossFit silicone wristbands to the athletes at their gyms as a reward for their CrossFit performance and passion, as well as to promote their business and facility.

Training & Instructing for Athletes 

Training camps and academies devoted to developing player’s skills and aptitudes have become commonplace amongst all ages. These rigorous camps are basically where athletes go to eat, sleep, and breathe that sport, with the overall objective to become better and more proficient in that specific activity. They’re also great for building teams and friendships, as they allow attendees to meet and compete with others that share the same level of passion and commitment to their sport. Therefore, we see a lot of these organizations utilizing custom athletic silicone wristbands to encourage unison and harmony amongst athletes- even after the camp has ended- since the bands are kept and worn as keepsakes.

But silicone wristbands serve a very practical purpose when used to instruct players and synchronize drills. While code names and hand signals may work, they also present some unique challenges- they can be missed or misunderstand, the opponent may catch on and pick off/counteract, and the more complex a play, the more meticulous the signaling system may be, thus making it harder for players to memorize and follow. But the concept of using silicone bands to train athletes is rather ingenious: featuring a coded grid (usually comprised of a numerical system in a particular sequence), the coach will shout the number of the play and the player will reference their wrist for the correlated move/action. This works well for team sports where coordinated plays are relied on heavily, like baseball and basketball… silicone bracelets allow the play to be carried out seamlessly with little to no interference (and if you’ve ever been in the middle of an intense game with people cheering and yelling, then you know just how difficult it can be to hear and follow the coach’s plays). So custom baseball and basketball silicone bracelets outfitted with those commands allow players to stay focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by external factors.

Sports Silicone Bands

Looking to create dynamic sport wristbands unique and exclusive to you? Here at Wristband Resources, we allow you to design and obtain your own  sports wristbands directly on our site! Of course if you have a request or question on anything wristband related, our expert Customer Service Team is here Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm CST, and can help fulfill your personalized sport wristband order!

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