Lung Cancer

White lung cancer silicone wristband

Lung cancer is represented by these white silicone wristbands – but what makes lung cancer so pervasive? To start, it’s the largest cause of cancer-related death in men, and second for women (behind breast cancer) and as such acts as a very serious threat to most of the population. Lung cancer primarily stems from cigarette smoking in some form, be it through consuming tobacco or being exposed to secondhand or sidestream smoke. Ninety percent of those who die from lung cancer develop it from smoking-related conditions. Carcinogens are common in the air today, and present a worrying trait for cases of lung cancer to continue to multiply. The community surrounding lung cancer is small but fierce - led by those at the American Lung Association, programs like LungForce have raised millions of dollars for a cure.

A very popular way to raise lung cancer awareness and help spread the need to get tested and cleared for cancers like these is by buying and wearing merchandise such as a stark white wristband! We even  allow you to customize your lung cancer bracelets right on our site.  We have 6 different silicone styles to choose from for your lung cancer awareness wristbands (debossed, ink injected, embossed, embossed printed, printed, and color coat), which will determine how your customization will show on your bands.  Some common words to put on your lung cancer awareness bracelets include:  strength, hope, courage, survivor, cancer sucks, or find a cure. Even including the name of the person you are supoprting is another great addition. To start customizing your own lung cancer rubber wristbands, click here!



Written by Michele Wheat