School Color Bracelets

Looking for ways to show your school spirit, or need a popular fundraising tool? School color bracelets are perfect for these uses because they are simple, but impactful. The most common material for this use is silicone wristbands because they’re reusable, so they will last years.

School Spirit Wristbands

One of the best ways to show school spirit is by wearing silicone bracelets that are your school colors. Wristband Resources has over 100 different wristband color options, including solid, swirl, segmented, and glow colors, so you will for sure be able to find your school colors.

Not only should you choose your school colors for the bracelets, but add customization to let everyone know what they are for. The options are endless and you can even upload your own school logo to your wristbands. We have 6 different inscription styles for your customization, so depending on which one you choose, you may be able to select an imprint color too. Here are the inscription styles we offer:

  • Printed: The message/artwork is printed directly onto the exterior of the band
  • Debossed: The text/logo is pressed into the silicone, resulting in a “sunken in” effect
  • Ink Injected: Recession of the letters/artwork into the silicone acts as a cradle for the ink that is injected.
  • Color Coat: The customization is etched into the exterior layer of the band, then filled with an ink color matching the interior of the band
  • Embossed: The text/graphics are raised on the wristband’s surface giving a 3-D, elevated design
  • Embossed Printed: The raised personalization is printed with a single-color ink.

Fundraising School Color Bracelets

Another popular use for school color bracelets is for fundraising. A school wristband fundraiser encourages supporters to purchase a wristband that is their school colors with customization related to the school or cause. Not only will the funds that are raised go directly to a good cause, but all the wristbands will be worn for years which will raise awareness and make a difference.

In addition to fundraising school color bracelets, your school could try other fundraisers. There are tons of ideas for elementary schools and high schools, including parents’ night out, faculty challenge, fun run, dunk tank, trivia night, etc. 

School Color Bracelets for Events

Most school events require tickets, however, those can be misplaced easily which puts them at a greater risk of being lost. Substituting one-time use wristbands for paper tickets is a way to avoid this from happening since they’re worn on the wrist. Wristband Resources offers Tyvek, plastic, and vinyl wristbands that are great for events because they’re one-time use wristbands. 

Tyvek School Color Bracelets

Tyvek wristbands are a paper-like material that are durable and have a tamper-resistant adhesive tab. They’re short-term use wristbands (1-2 days) so they’re perfect for school events like dances, sporting events, field days, field trips, etc.

Plastic School Color Bracelets

Plastic wristbands are the next step up from Tyvek wristbands. They’re a little more durable because of the material, making them last up to a week. They are attached with their plastic snap closure, so the only way to remove the wristband is by cutting them off, making them nonreusable.

Vinyl School Color Bracelets

Vinyl wristbands are the most durable one-time use wristband because of the material. Because of this, they can last up to 2 weeks and just like plastic wristbands, they have a plastic snap closure.

Cloth School Color Bracelets

A more fashionable material for school color bracelets are cloth wristbands. Because of the material, they are extremely comfortable and durable. Depending on the closure you want, you can either have them be one-time use or reusable wristbands. 

All four of these one-time use wristbands can be customized, so first choose the color of band you want and then start adding text and logos to make them match your school event.

Other Wristband Uses for Schools


Students can get rewarded for their achievements with a silicone wristband, like having perfect attendance, making the honor roll, or being student of the month. This helps motivate students to reach their goals and feel rewarded by receiving a unique silicone school color bracelet.

School color bracelets


When students know there is a prize involved, they will work harder/participate. So having silicone school color bracelets as an item in a prize box it’ll make them want to try harder in class. These prizes could get handed out for things like participation, good behavior, following classroom rules, etc.


To show appreciation for teachers, gifting them with silicone wristbands is a great idea. Adding fun messaging and logos can make the wristband extra special from you.

Lunch Time

Young kids can forget what they ordered for lunch, so having them wear a colored wristband will help the staff and kids know which option they ordered.

School Trips

Field trips can be a bit chaotic with excited students, so to keep track of the students, it’s recommended to have them wear wristbands. Chaperons and teachers can easily tell who is in what group by the wristband color they are wearing. Or if there are multiple schools, it’s best to have your students wear your school color bracelets to keep track of everyone.

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