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Elementary School Fundraising Ideas that Work

Today’s youth are future leaders in our communities. It is important that they have the tools and resources they need to learn and develop. However, schools often lack the funding necessary to ensure the success of every young student. That is where fundraising comes in. This article will discuss five profitable elementary school fundraising ideas that work.

Family Picture Day

Most schools hold a picture day to produce content for their annual yearbook. Did you know that you can use your gymnasium as a family photo studio? You can raise funds by charging families of students a fee to have a family picture taken. Reach out to the photographer you use for picture day and see if they would be willing to help you with this fundraiser. They might have a discounted price for fundraising events. Otherwise, tap into your network to see if you can find a photographer that is trying to launch their career. They might be willing to work at a discount (if not free) if it means the opportunity to add to their portfolio. Add extra incentive by allowing the photographer to pass out business cards or coupons for future business.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas that Work

Dress Up Day

Kids love Halloween because it gives them the opportunity to be somebody else for the day—how fun! But did you know that you can monetize your student’s love for costumes and dress up in the form of a profitable fundraiser? By requesting a small donation or fee, parents can enter their kids into a fun costume contest where a winner will be determined by their peers. Each class can determine a small prize for the winner to make things extra fun. Do this fundraiser in October and let students wear their Halloween costumes to school. You will likely get more participants that way.

Bracelet Fundraiser

Did you know that a rubber bracelet is one of the most profitable fundraising items? It is true—these bracelets can be purchased for just cents but sold for as much as $6. Many nonprofits and charitable organizations have adopted this strategy to raise funds, so why not let your school give it a try? After all, children love to share matching items with their friends. These rubber bracelets are completely customizable. You can add the name of your school, your school’s logo, and a branded font to your bracelets so they are unique to your class, school, or extracurricular activity.

Parents Night Out

 Being a parent is exhausting! They deserve some time to cut loose and have fun. As a school, you can run a successful fundraiser by giving them what they ultimately want and deserve—a night out. Get a group of teachers and faculty together and organize a series of activities for your students. We recommend 3-5 hours of entertainment for the kids—long enough for the parents to enjoy a date night or get caught up on chores around the house. Most parents would gladly spend $10 for this little bit of free time.

Used Book Sale

Chances are, your students have some books at home that are no longer being used, especially as your students continue to graduate to new reading levels. Instead of having them sit on a shelf and collect dust, encourage the parents of your students to donate them as part of a fundraiser. Collect these books, as well as some old books from your school’s library, and host a used book fair where students can take home some new literature and continue to develop their reading skills. This is a win-win-win. Your school raises money, the parents get rid of old books, and students get new reads!

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas that Work

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