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Teacher Gifts – 10 Practical Ways You Can Show Appreciation for Educators

Teachers have one of the most challenging occupations in the world. After all, their entire job is to set up our future generation for success. While teachers play a pivotal role in our society, they are often not given the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Whether you are a school administrator or parent of a student, it is important that your teachers feel supported and appreciated. The following are ten teacher gifts that you can give the educators in your life.

#1: Mini Slow Cookers

Teachers get sick of eating the same old sandwich daily (or heaven forbid their school’s hot lunch). What better way to show appreciation for an educator than with something practical? Mini slow cookers ensure that teachers always have a warm meal during their lunch breaks. They can reheat leftovers, or make simple stews and other meals by simply plugging in the device, which cooks for them while they teach students. This is a practical teacher gift!

#2: Lap Desk

It is unfortunate, but teachers often work outside of the classroom. There simply aren’t enough hours in a school day to teach lessons, grade assignments and tests, and plan future lectures. For this reason, many teachers take their work home with them. If they are to do work in their free time, you can show your appreciation by ensuring they can work comfortably with a lap desk.

#3 Custom Lanyards and Bracelets

You can show appreciation for your educational faculty by gifting them all custom lanyards and rubber bracelets. Wristband Resources™ makes it easy to customize these teacher gifts to fit the exact branding of your institution. You can also add custom logos and messaging for extra personalization.

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#4: Personalized Library Stamp

Teachers never want to have the books in their classroom library misplaced. One way to help prevent this is through personalized library stamps. That way, teachers can stamp the books in their library to show ownership. Should they ever become lost, the person who finds it will know where it should be returned.

#5: Comfortable Seat Cushions

Make sure the teacher in your life is comfortable with a quality seat cushion. Teachers spend a lot of time seated grading papers, responding to emails, and doing other administrative tasks. Make sure they are comfortable while sitting—it might save them a trip to the chiropractor.

#6: Voice Amplifier

It is easy to lose your voice when you lecture students every day, especially if you have to talk over unruly students. Using a voice amplifier makes it so your teacher doesn’t have to talk as loudly, which saves their voice.

#7: Coffee Cup Warmer

To get through the day, teachers consume coffee and tea. What better teacher gift than the gift of a warm beverage? A coffee cup warmer ensures that no matter the time of day, the coffee or tea is at the ideal temperature.

#8: Personal Laminator

If you want to make a teacher’s life easier, get them a personal laminator. Many teachers prefer to laminate their most important documents, such as syllabi and lesson plans. Unfortunately, laminators are difficult to come by. By getting a teacher their own laminator, they can ensure that their important documents are safely protected.

#9: Indoor Plants

While a classroom pet might be more maintenance and responsibility than a teacher is willing to undertake, a fun indoor plant or two might just do the trick. Plants like snake plants, succulents, and cactuses are low-maintenance and add a little fun to the classroom. If you buy a plant for a teacher, we recommend that you get it from a local vendor to reduce the risk of spiders and other unwanted pests.

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#10: Make Something

If your budget is tight or you aren’t comfortable buying a gift, don’t worry! You can also make something. If you knit or crochet, consider making something like a hat or warm pair of socks. If you are an artist or enjoy pottery, make them a nice piece for their home or classroom. And if all else fails, a kind, heartfelt note is always appreciated.


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