Christian Bracelets

Christian bracelets are often worn to convey the daily affirmations, significant scriptures, and sacred expressions one lives by. Like other faith-based tokens such as crosses and rosaries, Christian wristbands are recognizable artifacts that serve to distinguish and communicate one’s religious beliefs and principles. Consider the Jesus bracelets emblazoned with the acronym WWJD: sported by Christian youth in the 1990s, these religious bracelets served as reminders to act in a manner characterized by the teachings of Jesus. Their meaning and use grew to be so prevalent that designs featuring spiritual messages and symbols are still one of the most common trends utilized amongst custom wristbands today.

Christian silicone bracelets in particular are one of the most popular styles of religious wristbands. Waterproof, durable, and reusable, the silicone material provides the perfect solution for repeat, long-term wear. And with over 100 colors and patterns, 6 inscription styles, multiple band widths, and adult/youth sizes to choose from, they are completely customizable. Additionally, there are no minimum quantities required for purchase; Christian rubber bracelets for personal or public use are available in individual and bulk quantities, at cost-effective prices. You can create a Christ wristband with inspirational sayings or scripture by using our vast array of color options. If you are here looking to find out a christian bracelet color's meaning, please refer to our wrist band color guide here.  With our wristband configurator, you are able to add text and graphics to your christian silicone wristbands.

One-time-use wrist band styles also have their place in the religious sector. For example, our vinyl cash tag wristbands work great at church fundraisers and fairs where the removable tabs may be redeemed for food and beverage. Or consider our custom wide plastic wristbands… boasting a larger printable area for additional content such as text or graphics, this style is frequently used at Bible camps and missionary retreats where the day’s tasks are located directly on the wristband. Of course our Tyvek® styles are always a go-to choice. These paper-like bands are recommended for 1-2 day events, especially those scheduled last minute, since we can ship orders placed before 3pm CST on the next business day. Our custom 3/4" duplicate numbered Tyvek® is an especially advantageous style, for every 2 wristbands are equipped with the same serial number, allowing 2 people to match up. These christian armbands are often utilized for parent-child pickup at Sunday school, as well as paired fellowship activities.