Awareness Bracelets

Wristband Resources™ gives you all the tools you need to throw an amazing fundraiser using awareness bracelets. Our bracelets are made from the highest-quality silicone, which guarantees they will last. All our bands are durable, waterproof, and stretch-resistant. We also offer wristbands for fundraising events, which makes tracking admission very simple. We offer these wristbands in both Tyvek® and cloth.

Silicone Awareness Bracelets

Awareness bracelets are often regarded as the ultimate fundraising item because of the enormous profit margin they can create for you. When bought in bulk, these silicone bracelets cost only cents but can be sold for up to six dollars. Furthermore, these bracelets offer some much-needed exposure to causes, social issues, and nonprofit organizations. When your supporters wear them, they draw attention from their friends and loved ones. Unlike other fundraising merchandise, such as t-shirts and water bottles, these wristbands never leave your person. Your supporters can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

awareness bracelets

Design Your Own Awareness Bracelet

We make the process for designing awareness bracelets super simple so you can get back to organizing your next fundraiser. In just a few simple steps, you can create a bracelet that is unique to your cause. Simply choose your style, select your preferred colors, and add text and graphics. With our online configurator, you can change the font, and size and even add your own graphics to your bands. Don’t have a graphic to upload? No worries, you can choose any of our many free-to-use graphics.

Admissions Wristbands for Fundraisers

To make the process of validating admission simple, we offer both Tyvek® and cloth wristbands that can be used at your next fundraiser. So whether you are raising funds for a school, charity, or any other organization, you can be sure that your event is secure.

Tyvek® Wristbands

Tyvek® wristbands offer an inexpensive, yet, reliable way to keep track of guests. These bands are resistant to stretching and tearing and can be customized with your organization’s unique branding. We recommend these for up to 48 hours of use.

Cloth Wristbands

Cloth wristbands offer a highly durable and comfortable option for fundraisers. What separates cloth wristbands from other types of admissions wristbands is that guests often hold onto them as a memento of their experience.

Need Support?

If you have additional questions or want to know how you can best use awareness bracelets as a fundraising tool, be sure to reach out. We have experts on standby ready to help! Just click the Leave a message icon at the bottom of your screen to start a live chat.