Multi-Color Wristbands

Multi-Color Wristbands

Order multi-color imprint wristbands with personal artwork, messages, logos/graphics. Multi-color bracelets are available in our Tyvek, plastic, silicone, and vinyl writbands. 

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Full Color Tyvek Wristbands

Wristband Resources offers full color Tyvek wristbands, meaning  they can have multi-color logo's and messages. Custom Tyvek multi-color imprints are affordable, durable, and secure. They have an adhesive closure which assures maximum security in any environment. This kind of wristband is very comfortable and easy to wear since you can adjust it to the size of the wrist when applying them. They are even waterproof so they are guarenteed to stay on in water. Multi-color imprinted tyvek wristbands are for short term use like concerts, water parks, school trips, ect.  To start customizing your full color Tyvek wristbands, click here!

If you are looking to get full color imprints on a different band style, we also offer Plastic, Vinyl, and Silicone.

Multi-Color Plastic Wristbands

Our plastic wristbands can be customized to have multiple colors for the messaging and logos. The custom plastic multi-color imprints are great if you have a graphic/logo with multiple colors. Plastic wristbands are comfortable, lightweight, and provide security and longer wear time compared to tyvek wristbands. These are great for multi-day use great for events. 

Multi-Color Vinyl Wristbands

Our custom vinyl multi-color imprint wristbands are an excellent choice for extended wear since they are very durable with their three layer construction. This wristand is secured with its locking plastic snap closure preventing people from swapping bands.  Wehave many colors to choose from for your Vinyl wristbands, including many sizes and cash tag options.

Multi-Color Silicone Wristands 

Our silicone wristbands also have the option to have multi-color imprints. We have a huge selecetion of colors, including solid, swirl, segmented, and glow colors. Not only do our custom silicone multi-color imprint wristbands have a variety of colors, we also have a bunch of different imprint styles and sizes to choose from, ranging from 1/4" to 2" size wristbands.

Because of our in-house production in Wisconsin, turn around time is faster and quality is controlled. Try your logo in multi color and see the difference. 

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