Custom Men's Rubber Wristbands

Written by Michele Wheat

You may be wondering "What kind of wristbands do guys wear?" or even "Do guys wear rubber bracelets?". Well even though it may not seem like it, men do wear wristbands. There are many different kinds of wristbands men have to wear at events and festivals but the other kind of wristband you will see are rubber bracelets for men, also known as silicone wristbands. These are made with 100% silicone, so they will not break or tear easily. They are very comfortable to wear that will last years because they are extremely durable. We have plenty of cool silicone wristbands for guys in stock, but if you are looking to design your own, we have custom men's silicone bracelets too. 

Custom Men’s Silicone Wristbands

If you are thinking of customizing your own silicone wristbands, we have plenty of options for you right on our site. We have a huge selection of silicone wristband colors, including glow, swirl, and segmented options. Some popular colors for custom men’s silicone wristbands are black, navy blue, hunter green, camo, grey, white, orange, and so many more. Once your band colors are chosen, you can start designing your wristbands. Add text, graphics and/or logos to make your wristbands unique. Some popular graphics we have for silicone mens bracelets are sports, music, cause & fundraiser, science and transportation, and many other categories. You can even add an inside message if you have more text you want to add.

In addition to custom guy’s silicone wristbands, we have the option to turn them into keychains. This is a great idea for attaching to your keys or backpack for decor. Don't miss this step in the customizing process, it's in step 5.

Why do Guys Wear Wristbands?

Men wear wristbands for many reasons. Here are just a few that are very common:  

Support The Military

Many guys wear wristbands to show support for the military or because they were in/apart of the military. Wristband Resources has an online configurator for you to customize your own wristband. So, if you are wanting to show support to the military, customize using our camo-colored silicone wristbands. You could add text such as "Support Our Troops" and/or add an American flag logo.  

Silicone Green Camo Swirl Wristband

Sports Wristbands

Another example of a men's custom silicone wristband is a sports wristband. Whether it be a wristband that’s themed with colors and logos of their favorite sports team, or a wristband for a team that they are a part of is very common. Many sports teams customize their own custom men’s silicone bracelets for the players to wear during games and practices that have motivational sayings on them to keep them from not giving up. To learn more and get more customization ideas related to sport wristbands, click here. 

Raise Awareness

Another reason men wear wristbands is to raise awareness for a cause. There are so many different causes in the world that people are continuously trying to raise awareness and funds for. Each cause has a color that it symbolizes so when customizing men’s silicone wristbands, they will choose the color of the cause they want to raise awareness for. This is a great way to raise awareness as they are very visibly seen on people’s wrists, which will start up conversation. 

One popular awareness men like to support is called movember. The challenge is for men to grow their mustaches out during the month of November, so it's a conversation starter which leads to raising funds and awareness. This cause raises awareness for men's suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.  The foundation, movember, gives men the confidence to learn and talk about their health so they know when to take action when it's needed.  This cause is associated with a teal ribbon. This means when buying custom dude's silicone wristbands, make sure to choose the teal option for the wristband. 

It doesn't stop there though, there are so many other reasons men wear silicone wristbands. These are just the three most popular reasons men wear them. 

Light Pink Awareness Silicone Wristband

How To Style Wristbands

Watch & Bracelet:

One way to style a wristband is to wear a watch with the bracelet on one arm. If you are going for a more subtle look, customize on more neutral colors like metallic gold, metallic silver, black, grey, tan or white.  However, if you are wearing for more of a casual look, wearing more bold and bright colors is fine. This is great especially if you are wanting people to notice the wristband. 

Accent color:

If your outfit has an accent color, use the wristband to enhance the accents and add more color to your outfit. This is common for neck tie as it usually is an accent color to the outfit. For example, if you have some accent colors in your shirt, pair it with a matching color silicone wristband to make the color pop in the outfit more.

One wristband:

Don’t overdo it by wearing a ton of custom men's rubber wristbands on one arm. This can look unprofessional if you are in a formal setting, especially if you are wearing more than 1" silicone wristbands. It can also be distracting to your outfit if you have a ton of thick wristbands piled up your arm. The most you should wear is one on each wrist. 

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