Security Wristbands

Security wristbands also known as a security bracelet help your events run smoothly. They clearly designating access on the wrist of each individual who participates at your events making them access control wristbands. Manage access to the talent or crew sections, maintain control at your gates, and keep your guests comfortable long-term. You can also use a wide variety of wristbands at your events to classify people differently. For example if a group is VIP and they need all access wristbands. We carry a number of wristbands that are specifically made to maintain security as well as keep your costs down. Also, they do not need to just be used for events, they can also be used as security bracelets for parties.

Tyvek® Security Wristbands

Tyvek® is an incredibly strong, paper-like material we use to manufacture our most economical security bracelet option. Not only is the adhesive closure and armband itself waterproof, they cannot be removed or shared without being destroyed. Tyvek® security wristbands are perfect for events lasting 1-3 days. Tyvek security bracelets for parties are useful to keep track of who is allowed. People aren't able to swap or sell their bands since they are one-time use with their adhesive closures.

Choose to customize your Tyvek® wristbands with barcoding, numbering, logos/graphics, and imprinting to satisfy your security needs. 

security wristbands

Plastic Security Wristbands

Our plastic wristbands are the next step up in durability and longevity when it comes to our security wristband and security bracelet options. The plastic material is both soft and comfortable, as well as fully waterproof. Your guests can comfortably wear plastic armbands for up to 7 days, and the secure, one-time use locking plastic snaps also called a wristband plastic lock prevent them from being shared with unpaid patrons. This technology makes it so the wristbands are classified as tamper proof wristbands (proof wristband).

Choose to customize your plastic wristbands and you can include custom barcoding, numbering, logos/graphics, and imprinting to satisfy your security needs. 

Vinyl Security Wristbands

Need a security wristband that can hold up to just about anything? Our vinyl material has three layers of durability, is stretch-resistant, and completely waterproof maiking it the best security wrist band.  You can relax knowing our vinyl wristbands last up to 14 days on your customers' wrists. Additionally, our vinyl wristbands have a secure, one-time use locking plastic snap to prevent sharing. 

Choose to customize your vinyl wristbands and you can include custom barcoding or numbering to satisfy your security needs.