Ways Your Spring Break Destination Can Use Wristbands

Written by Michele Wheat

Spring-breakers and their families are ready for the long-awaited holiday but is your destination prepared for the influx of guests? In the era of travel restrictions, and shortages in a variety of industries, being ready to accommodate your spring break guests is crucial. Here are 9 ways your location can use wristbands this spring season:

Monitoring access

Bars, nightclubs and other spring break hot spots like hotels and resorts can benefit from using wristbands. An inexpensive Tyvek wristband in a bright color is an easy way to determine who paid admission. Silicone wristbands can be used to monitor common areas like pools, arcades, beach areas, and fitness centers. For those staying home, schools and colleges may have special spring break events or activities where admission may need to be monitored. 


With a surge of people coming to your business, ensure the safety and security of your guests and staff with wristbands to easily identify welcomed guests. With RFID, personalized or variable barcoding, and numbering, you can ensure added safety to your patrons.

Verifying Age

Quickly verify that patrons are over 21 years old and make your bartenders lives easier by using age identifying wristbands.

Drink Specials

Cash tag wristbands are a quick way to determine how many drinks someone's enjoyed (and how many they have left). These are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 tab options.

Pools, waterparks and resorts

Ensure that admission is paid with a wristband. Tyvek®, vinyl, or plastic wristbands are waterproof and can’t be transferred to another person. Wristbands are also an easy way to verify height so only kids of the right height can go on specific waterslides or water rides.

Recognize VIPs

Instantly spot your VIPs – whether it is the individuals that opted for table service, premium bottle service, or VIP lounge access, let your staff and these guests know that they are special. When they are in shared spaces like a popular spring-break AirBnBs or resorts, it’s good to know the VIPs that have access to exclusive areas like swim-up bars, cabanas, and more.

Cashless payment option

Give your guests an RFID wristband and they can make purchases with a flick of their wrist. Great to use for hotel room keys for monitoring access and security. It is also great for drink, snack, social media and souvenir purchases.  The wristbands help increase speed of service and the ease of payment encourages consumers to spend more. Barcoded or variable numbering wristbands are also great because many Point-of-Sale systems are able to scan the barcode to easily charge a credit card on file.

Brand Recognition

Word of mouth is a great promotional tool but so are wristbands! Guests wearing customized wristbands with your logo around town are an inexpensive billboard, helping generate more business for you.


Let your guests relive all of the fun they had by selling custom silicone wristbands at your store.  These serve as great keepsakes and can incentivize guests to return!