Crowd Control Wristbands

The ability to differentiate groups of customers in your establishment, maintain security, or track capacity, can be very important to a business or organization looking to arrange an event which is why we provide crowd control wristbands. As such, we make it a point of offering crowd management wristbands that have proven highly successful in these situations. For example, if you’re hosting an event where you need to adhere to strict building and fire guidelines, it is crucial to be cognizant of your head count and ensure you don’t exceed your maximum crowd size allowance.

By utilizing paper wristband crowd control measures like our Tyvek® bracelets with sequential numbering, you are afforded an easy way to regulate the population of your function. By presenting the numbered wristbands to your patrons as they enter, the bands remaining in your possession, further designated by the number on the bracelet itself, allows you to quickly and correctly identify how many individuals are present. Another way of qualifying and quantifying your audience is through custom crowd control wristbands such as plastic and vinyl styles. Just like Tyvek®, these bands have the ability to support QR or bar codes. Such codes can be scanned to track indicators like paid admission or attendance, as well as any other static or variable data you wish to gather from your guests. Of course if you wish to keep it basic and utilize wristbands as a way of monitoring specific groups within your audience, we offer cost-effective stock and custom options in all our bands including silicone. Sometimes offering an array of wristband colors can serve as indicators in and of themselves of which clients belong to particular factions you wish to oversee. For instance, if you’re sectioning off VIPs from general admission, you can award distinct designs or colors of wrist bracelets to those individuals you’re wanting to define.