Running a Business as Safely as Possible During COVID-19

Written by Michele Wheat

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our society, it’s imperative that we prepare for the day when our nation is able to reopen the economy. While the importance of personal safety and prevention remains top of mind, it’s also good to be thinking about how our businesses and workforce can return to work safely when the time comes. There is still so much unknown, but being informed of the various approaches and actions we can take will only allow us to reemerge and rebuild in a smart and responsible way. Compiled below are several resources we hope will educate and enlighten those looking for tips on how to reopen their businesses amidst our “new normal” adjustment.


Not sure when your state might start to ease restrictions?

Healthdata Resources

Need to understand best practices and/or guidelines?

CDC / LEAR Corp. Resources 


Temperature Screen Employees and/or Customers for Covid-19 Symptoms

One approach a number of companies are trying to help make the work place safer is stagger entry and to screen employees for symptoms upon entry.  Please see the link below that provides an excellent how to video on how to screen safely and an infograph that can give you a quick understanding of the process.  While this does not remove the risk of spreading Covid-19, it can help reduce the risk of spreading it.

  • A great resource on How to Screen safely
  • See below for an Infographic on steps to temperature screen employees.  Download Infographic Here!



Compartmentalizing work areas, event areas and more

Use compartmentaliztions to allow space for employee's and/or customers the space to maintain soical distancing.  This is a practice that can work for buisnesses and/or events, if you color code areas with a unique wristband color, you can visually see if someone should be in the area.  The specific scenario below may not be able to be applied everywhere but the concept can be applied to many use cases.  Maybe it is keeping offices areas in their work area or keeping customers in certain areas of the store.  There are a ton of different adapations that can make this apply to your specific scenario.  

  • Download Event Infographic Here
  • Business Infographic Here 






*Please note: some or all of the information supplied above may not be applicable to every business or organization. This webpage serves as a “living” resource that will be updated as additional information is made public about COVID-19. Wristband Resources assumes no responsibility or liability for any conditions that may result from adhering to and/or renouncing of practices or measures contained within this webpage. We strongly recommend consulting with legal counsel prior to implementing any of the reopening strategies shared to ensure proper compliance with federal, state, and CDC guidelines.*