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Fundraising Ideas for Schools - 7 Fundraisers for Kids, Parents, and Teachers

The best fundraising ideas for schools are those that include the students, parents, and teachers. After all, what better way to raise funds for your school or a just cause than to have these three parties work as a team? It builds a connection through teamwork and fun that also supports the school and community. Here are eight fundraisers you can try for yourself!

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School Sleepover

Every kid loves a good sleepover with their friends. Did you know that your school can host sleepovers to raise money? It’s true and relatively easy. Start by recruiting a team of parents to volunteer as chaperones for the sleepover. Create a list of fun activities for the kids—arts and crafts, movies, board games, video games. You name it! Ask a local grocer (or parents) to supply pizzas for a late-night snack, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast in the morning. If you have many students and kids attending the event, you can use wristbands as part of your admissions process to ensure that everyone there has either paid for admission or is a parent.

Parents Night Out

Kids can be a handful and sometimes parents just need a night to themselves. This is another excellent fundraising opportunity! Get a group of teachers and faculty together and organize a series of activities for your students. We recommend 3-5 hours of entertainment for the kids—long enough for the parents to enjoy a date night or get caught up on chores around the house. Most parents would gladly spend $10 for this little bit of free time.

Faculty Challenge

A good ol’ fashioned faculty challenge is an easy way to raise funds, and it can cost as little or as much as you want it to. For instance, a teacher in Missouri shaved his head on live television after his class raised 2000 jars of peanut butter for a local food bank. Don’t worry, a faculty challenge doesn’t have to involve the removal of body hair. Here are some other ideas:

  1. Duct tape the principle to a wall
  2. Dunk tanks
  3. Throw a pie in a teacher’s face

Recipe Book

This is a fun one! Have your parents (with input from the students) and faculty put together a collection of one or two of their favorite recipes and sell it to the community. Depending on the size of your class, you can collect hundreds of delicious recipes that are guaranteed to become new favorites. Better yet, you might just exceed your fundraising goal!

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Fun Run

You can raise funds for your school or cause just by running! How crazy is that? Encourage your students and teachers to raise money in the form of pledges from family and friends. It might be a good idea to hold multiple races. A shorter, more fun race for students, and a longer and more competitive race for adults. Map out the routes of your races and ask for permits where necessary. Most importantly, have fun with it! Make commemorative silicone bracelets and t-shirts. Play music, supply snacks, cheer each other on. If your attendees have fun, they will for sure be back next year.

Talent Show

Another fundraiser that teachers, students, and parents can take part in is a talent show. This doesn’t have to have a huge production budget. Simply use your school’s gymnasium or auditorium. Be sure to encourage participation from all three groups—it is more fun that way. To raise funds, simply sell tickets or ask for donations at the door. Friends and family love a good talent show!

Pancake Breakfast

Here is an easy one—serve your community breakfast! Start by asking either parents or a local grocer to donate the ingredients needed to put on a delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast. Ask your students, parents, and faculty to help set up a little breakfast buffet in your school’s gymnasium. Have some fun with it by designing fun custom wristbands.

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Getting Started

Wristbands add an extra level of security to any event as they allow you to quickly determine who is and who is not supposed to be in attendance. That is why we give you the tools to customize your bands to fit your special event. We also supply schools with silicone bracelets, which make excellent fundraising items because they cost only cents and can be sold for as much as $6. For extra assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have experts on standby ready to help. Just click Chat now in the bottom right corner.

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