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Fundraising Bracelets – Schools, Charities, Churches, and More

Fundraising can be a real challenge for organizations. Whether you are a school, church, or charity, there will be times when you need to get creative in terms of how you raise funds. Sure, a bake sale is fun and can help you get the cash you need, but you can’t easily drive awareness with cookies and pastries. And with rising grocery costs, you might be looking for a different item you can use to fundraise. One cost-effective option you should consider is fundraising wristbands. These silicone wristbands are a great way to both generate revenue at a high margin and spread awareness for your organization.

School Fundraising Bracelets

Whether you are trying to raise funds to purchase additional classroom supplies or new computers, or you’re supporting an extracurricular program, fundraising bracelets give you the tools to accomplish your fundraising goals. What is special about silicone wristbands is that they offer your students, parents, and staff a way to express school spirit. Though simple, these bracelets are an item that can be worn every day, unlike t-shirts and other clothing articles.

Church Fundraising Bracelets

Churches hold fundraising events to raise funds for new facilities, mission trips, or to support charities in their communities. Because they are considered tax-exempt non-profit organizations, they must survive on donations from their members and fundraising efforts. This is why fundraising is so important. What is great about silicone wristbands is that they are 100% customizable. That means churches can hold many fundraisers and have unique bracelets to sell every time, and can even be personalized to a theme or message.

Charity Fundraising Bracelets

As a charity or nonprofit, you need a fundraising item that allows you to portray your brand. Many causes are associated with different colors. For example, pink represents breast cancer awareness. Fundraising bracelets give these institutions the tools they need to spread their message, garner community support, and raise much-needed funds.


Why choose silicone bracelets for your next fundraiser?


The reason so many organizations use silicone bracelets as part of their fundraising strategy is that they yield such a high margin when purchased in bulk. For example, if you were to purchase 5000 debossed silicone bracelets from Wristband Resources™, your unit cost would be 16 cents. Let’s assume you sell the bracelets for 3 dollars. If you can sell all 5000 bracelets, your total profit is 14,200 dollars! Let’s assume 5000 wristbands is too many. If you were to order 500 wristbands at 31 cents each, your total profit for 500 bracelet sales is still 1,345 dollars. Not too shabby!


Fundraising bracelets offer a unique perk that most other fundraising strategies don’t. Silicone bracelets can be branded and customized in a way that draws attention to your cause or organization. This amplifies your message in a way that is cost-effective and requires minimal effort.

Wristband Resources™ is Here to Help!

Wristband Resources™ is just that, a resource for all your silicone bracelet needs. We give you all the tools you need to successfully raise funds for your school, church, or nonprofit organizations. Using our configuration tool, you can design the perfect fundraising bracelet for your campaign. We offer the following styles:


Debossed silicone wristbands are made with a laser engraver or mold. Your design is sunken into the surface of the silicone band and can be felt. On the other hand, embossed bracelets have the design raised from the surface of the band. Wristband Resources™ allows you to personalize your bands by choosing your font, text size, and up to four graphics.


Our printed silicone wristbands are made using silk-screen technology. The way it works is simple. You customize the bracelet to your liking and we print it over the top layer of the band, leaving a smooth, sleek texture.


Ink-injected wristbands combine debossing and printing to create a great bracelet. First, we engrave your custom design into the bracelet before it gets injected with long-lasting ink. This guarantees that your design will be protected from wearing over time.

Color Coated

Color-coated wristbands are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band. This design displays the text more vividly and adds an artistic touch.

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