COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Best Practices

Written by Michele Wheat

With COVID19 vaccines being administered globally and vaccine rates continuing to rise, we’ve started to see many of our pre-COVID activities and events resume as a result. But with the Delta variant now hitting and some of the earlier precautions like temperature checks, social distancing, and face masks seeming to wane, we’re once again looking for the most effective safety practices that will allow us to return to some normalcy amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. One of these newer prevention methods being implemented in some places is called a vax-or-test policy.

With the vax-or-test practice, either COVID19 vaccine proof and/or negative COVID19 test results must be shown in order to enter a venue or establishment’s event, grounds, premises, etc. For those whom prefer to indicate proof of vaccination, a digital or printed copy of a valid COVID19 vaccination card may be presented. For those whom would rather show proof of testing, a digital or printed copy of a negative test result (usually taken within 72 hours from time of entry) will be accepted.

While this new safety measure is intended to make guests feel safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19, it can result in longer wait times upon check-in. That’s why COVID19 screening wristbands have been so integral in helping security and staff quickly and easily authenticate access. These pre-printed Tyvek® bands can ship the same business day, and are offered in a variety of colors and designs including prescreen, visitor, temperature, and days of the week.