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How Wristbands Benefit Family Entertainment Centers

Families will flock to entertainment centers this spring and summer and wristband solutions help ensure that fun stays at the top of your guests’ minds. Wristband Resources helps you maintain safety and efficiency for your family entertainment center in these seven ways:

How Wristbands Benefit Family Entertainment Centers

1. Contactless payment system

RFID wristbands allow customers to make purchases easily – food, beverages, souvenirs, extra credits for games and rides – with the flick of their wrist. Wristbands help increase speed of service and the ease of payment encourages consumers to spend. RFID wristbands can also encourage social media engagement as attendees’ social media accounts can be connected and scanned on an RFID reader that lets attendees share and post with friends.


2. Monitor Admission/Crowd Control

Wristbands can serve as the ticket to easily monitor who paid admission. These are fully customizable, including graphics, messaging, and numbering or barcoding to ensure validity.  


3. Child Safety

If a child is separated from their parents or guardians, a wristband can list important contact information to ensure that they are quickly reunited. Additionally, a set of wristbands can be worn by the guardian and child to ensure that only families with a matching set leave the facility together. Duplicate- number bands have the same serial number which allows you to match up to two people.


4. Identify VIPs

Easily identify a VIP with a customizable wristband. Whether someone who opted for a premium package like an all-you-can-ride option or someone celebrating a birthday or other special event, these bands provide staff a heads-up to ensure that the guest has a wonderful experience.


5. Groups

Identify a group to help monitor access for special event areas using wristbands to ensure that resources such as specialty food and beverage, are only consumed by individuals in the group.


6. Souvenirs/Brand Recognition

Help your guests remember all the fun they had (and remind them to come back again) by selling silicone or cloth souvenir wristbands. Guests wearing customized wristbands featuring your logo around town are an inexpensive billboard, helping generate more business for you.


7. Timed Activities or Special Promotions

Tyvek® wristbands are cost effective and quick way for staff to identify guests that have purchased an “all-you-can-play” or “all-you-can-ride” option for arcades, game centers, and amusement parks. Trampoline parks utilize direct thermal wristbands  to monitor jump times – which protects profits and can ensure safety – stopping the trampolines from being too crowded.

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